• Riga Arbitration Court
    Information on the Riga Arbitration Court, its rules and fees. The homepage also provides materials on the arbitration procedure, for example, articles, samples of documents, and legal tips.

  • Social Science Research Network (SSRN)
    SSRN provides abstracts and full texts for research papers from various areas of science, for example, law, economics, and philosophy.

  • Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat)
    Eurostat Library - access to all Eurostat publications (working papers and studies, catalogues, detailed tables, methods and nomenclatures, calls for tenders and grants). Statistics on general information on the EU, economy and finance, population and social conditions, industry, trade and services, agriculture and fisheries, external trade, transport, environment and energy, science and technology. Classification, database information, methods and legal acts on statistics.

  • Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society
    Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society is the world's oldest and Scandinavia's largest peace organisation. The page contains the information about the history and main principles of the work of this organization, current projects, as well as the reports on achievements in arms trade regulation and realisation of other goals.

  • Tax and Accounting Sites Directory
    Information on US tax and accounting law, catalogue of links by themes. Catalogue of links of international tax and accounting sites by countries, catalogue of links to international tax and accounting sites, tax and accounting programmes, link to information on EU and VAT legislation, texts of international tax agreements, links to world government homepages. US tax form links, news, list of publishers` sites, catalogue of research publications, job opportunities. Catalogue of links on financial management, fraud prevention, financial accounting. Financial management of governmental and not-for-profit organizations.

  • Tenders Electronic Daily. Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union
    Page informs about current tenders in European Unions. Data base is browsable by theme, OJ number, state and other values. The result list reveals information about the procedure of tender, demands of the agreement, subject etc.

  • The European Convention
    Composition and activities of the European Convention. Preliminary draft of The Constitutional Treaty of the European Union (articles and protocols, proposed amendments). Working groups, working jdocuments and final reports, speeches, press releases.

  • The European Foundation Centre
    Home page of the European Foundation Centre provides comprehensive information on foundations in the European Union. Foundation law, statistical data, publications on matters concerning foundations. The page also offers information on numerous, currently important topics. This information includes publications, news, events and thematic networks related to the particular topic.

  • The European Parliament
    Information on the activities of the European Parliament. Database of the European Parliament's internal documents (Legislative Observatory (OEIL): documents of parliamentary committees, interparliamentary delegations, session documents, written declarations, parliamentary questions, calendar of parliamentary sessions, resolutions, rules of procedure, working documents online (E-studies). Access to the Register of documents of the European Council and the European Commission. Information for the persons wishing to submit a petition or complaint to the European Ombudsman. Information on the activities of parliamentary committees and delegations. References on key topics and EU policies: The European Convention, enlargement, fight against discrimination. EU Citizens' Portal.

  • The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC)
    The Regional Environmental Centre is an international organisation with a mission to assist in addressing environmental issues. Website provides access to the Centre’s publications and information on projects implemented by the Centre.

  • The World Society of Mixed Jurisdiction Jurists
    Homepage of the World Society of Mixed Jurisdiction Jurists. Information about society and its activities, materials on sources of law and legal research in mixed jurisdictions.

  • T.M.C. Asser Institute
    Official webpage of T.M.C. Asser Institute. Information on T.M.C. Asser, history of the institute, study and research possibilities, international conferences and seminars. Access to library catalogue, ordering and acquisition of books (pay services). Selection of Internet resources. Legal Advice and consultancy to law firms, companies and governmental services in the fields of law covered by the institute. Access to European documentation Centre and its resources. Newsletter and information order form for Institute activities and fields of specialization. Bibliography. Netherlands case law and legislation (in Dutch) and state practice in Public International Law.

  • Transatlantic Turbulence: The European Union and United States Debate Over Passenger Data
    This research guide by Irfan Tukdi takes the form of an annotated outline and is intended to serve as a starting point for exploring the legal issues raised by the PNR debate (passenger flight manifests and other passenger data commonly referred to as PNR data). The guide includes references to the relevant statutory materials, government documentsation, legal scholarship, and pertinent news. Sources in each sub-section are organized by breadth of treatment and chronology as appropriate.

  • Transnational and Comparative Family Law: Harmonization and Implementation
    This guide by Marylin Johnson Raisch points researchers to significant electronic and print sources in transnational and comparative family law.

  • U4 Anti-corruption resource centre
    The Utstein Anti-Corruption Resource Centre guides to relevant anti-corruption resources and informs about the Utstein partners and their anti-corruption work. There is information about the latest anit-corruption projects of the world as well as those from previous periods and those which are already implemented. Anti-corruption codes of various states are also available there. In the resource section U4 offers its reports on anti-corruption situation in the world and particular states, as well as comparative analysis and texts of international conventions.