• Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia
    Ministry of Welfare gives information on Latvia’s social welfare policy, international agreements signed in this area, as well as shows the structure of the Ministry and informs about questions connected with EU.

  • Motor Insurers' Bureau of Latvia
    Information on the member companies of the compulsory Motor TPL Insurance System and insurance companies. Details about the Green Card System, notification of the loss. Legal acts regulating the compulsory Motor TPL Insurance System. Statistics and information for the experts. The searching system for the data on Motor TPL Insurance contracts.

  • National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia
    Official webpage of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia. Includes information on the Assembly and its practice in English. In addition it also contains legislation of Slovenia since year 1991 (in Slovenian).

  • National Bank of Hungary
    Information on National Bank of Hungary - monetary policy, financial stability, national currency, research, publications, tenders and other information. Links to other sites on financial situation of Hungary and other financial institutions.

  • National Council for Crime Prevention of Finland
    The home page provides information on the council's activities and current issues, crime prevention strategies, publications.

  • National Council of Slovak Republic
    Information on legislative body of Slovak Republic - National Council, its structure, clubs, committees. Information on legislation and decisions of National Council and its working order.

  • North American Free Trade Agreement Secretariat (NAFTA)
    Information on organization and its member states. Text of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA ). Decisions and reports on implementation of agreement. Rosters of NAFTA Dispute Settlement Panels and Committees. Links to other governmental organizations of US, Mexico and Canada, as well as other international trade organizations.

  • Nuclear Regulatory Agency of Bulgaria
    Information on regulation and control of nuclear energy in Bulgaria. International and Bulgarian legislation on nuclear regulations. Links to other sites on regulation, control and research of nuclear energy in Bulgaria and worldwide.

  • Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs
    Information on services of Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, for instance delivery of residence permits, visas, passports - history of passports, types and documents needed. Different kind of statistics on citizenship and migration. Guidance information for asylum seeking and repatriation. Links to other sites on migration and refugee policy in various states.

  • Office of Prime Minister of Denmark
    This is the official homepage of the Prime Minister's Office, which informs about the Prime Minister, his work and office, as well as about the government, more detailed telling about its structure. A selection of legislative materials within the Prime Minister's Office's jurisdiction and several publications are also available there.

  • Office of the Chancellor or Justice of Finland
    The Chancellor of Justice, along with the Parliamentary Ombudsman, is the supreme guardian of the law in Finland. Page provides information on Chancellor of Justice and his obligations, Deputy Chancellor of Justice and his duties, spells out the boundaries of Chancellors activities while being in guard of law and supervising the government and public officials.

  • Official web page of Monaco
    Official website of Monaco state. Contains information on the state, its history, institutions, judicial system and constitution. Provides access to the Official Journal of Monaco in French.

  • Parliamentary Ombudsman of Finland
    Page gives insight into principles of the work, duties, rights, authority and the legislative acts regulating powers of the Parliamentary ombudsman as an overseer of the legality of actions taken by the state authorities. Publications, press releases of decisions and annual reports of Parliamentary Ombudsman are available.

  • Parliament of Denmark
    Information on history of the Parliament of Denmark, legislative process, democracy in Denmark, and political parties.

  • Parliament of Georgia
    Information on the Parliament of Georgia. Information on statements, appeals and resolutions made by Parliament. Legislation adopted by Parliament of Georgia, including Constitution of Georgia. Newest information connected to the work of the Parliament is available.