• Parliament of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
    Official website of the Parliament of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The source contains information on the Parliament; it’s structure, members and practice as well as information on president, prime minister, ombudsman of the republic. In addition, the page contains legislation of the Republic since year 1995.

  • Parliament of Uganda
    Official website of the Parliament of the Republic of Uganda. Contains information on history, administration and practice of the parliament. Includes also the Constitution and possibility to search for bills and legal acts.

  • Parliaments of the World
    International Organization of Parliaments of Sovereign States (IPU) established link guide of parliaments of states of the world.

  • President of Estonia
    Information concerning the Estonian President – his activities, schedule, speeches, press releases, statements. Constitution, national symbols, powers and responsibilities of the President of Estonia, historical overview of the Estonian heads of state. Information on the Office of President.

  • President of Portuguese Republic
    Information on president and presidency of the Republic of Portugal - functions, legal basis, president himself. Information on the system of state of Portugal - symbols of the state, general situation, international organizations, which member is Portugal, state institutions and brief guide to their functions.

  • President of the Republic of Albania
    Information on President of the Republic of Albania - constitutional basis, biography, speeches, decrees, newest events. The anthem, emblem and the Constitution of Albania. Information on President's office.

  • President of the Republic of Lithuania
    Information on the President, his activities. Press releases and speeches are avaliable.

  • Procurement Monitoring Bureau
    Legal acts, regulating the procedure of procurements. Conceptions and drafts of legal acts. Teaching aids on procurement procedure and juridica_linksdb_documents samples. Published announcements on procurements and statistics. Information on Common Procurement Vocabulary.

  • Project Visa. Visa and embassy information
    Sites to the embassies of world countries and visa information.

  • Prosecutor's Office of Republic of Latvia
    This is an official page of Prosecutor's Office of Republic of Latvia. It contains up-to-date information about current events in this institution, general information about prosecutor's office, its functions, structure, duties, there is also a short history of prosecutor's office in Latvia and also some information about prosecutor general is available. Information on international cooperation with other European states within frameworks of Eurojust and European Judicial Network on Criminal Matters.

  • Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
    Information on institute, study and research possibilities at the institute and other human rights programmes. Access to catalogues of institute’s library, as well as of other organizations (search possibilities). Databases on International and Swedish law, access to electronic journals, dictionaries, encyclopaedias. Information on legal writing technique. Links to other international and regional human rights institutions and case law. Access to the UN databases and information on UN. Search for information on Internet by human rights topics.

  • Representative of the Government of the Republic of Latvia before International Human Rights Organizations
    Page furnishes information about the mission and activities of Representative of the Government of the Republic of Latvia before international human rights organizations, as well as current questions connected with human rights for instance UN individual procedures, national reports, European Court of Human Rights. Latest news (data from news archive is also available) concerning Latvia and human rights is constantly given. If there are any vacancies, jobs in human rights sphere are offered.

  • Researching Constitutional Law on the Internet
    Collection of sites on U.S. (including state) constitution and constitutions of world countries, links to research publications, judgements, constitutional law research organizations.

  • Rīgas mājoklis. Riga municipal agency
    Page contains current information about Riga municipal agency "Rīgas mājoklis", explains its duties, allows to have a look at its activities, in normative acts section laws regulating living-house managing can be found. Page provides information about seminars organized by "Rīgas mājoklis" and how to take part in them.

  • Riigikogu. Parliament of Estonia
    Survey of the history of the Riigikogu, its functions and elections, and also information about the current work and membership of the Riigikogu, its fractions and committees, parliamentary delegations and parliamentary groups as well as legal acts regulating activities of the parliament. Minutes of Parliament sessions and draft laws (in Estonian).