• Road Traffic Safety Directorate of the Republic of Latvia
    Information on vehicle registration, driver's qualification, and technical inspection of vehicles in the Republic of Latvia, including normative acts, fees, working hours, standards in inspections and other information. Also statistics on vehicles, road traffic accidents, driving licences and vehicle technical inspection.

  • Royal Family of Serbia and Yugoslavia
    Information on Royal Family of Serbia and Yugoslavia - family members, history, press releases, events, family tree, and family rules. Links to other world's royal families' web pages.

  • Royal Family of the Spain
    Information on the royal family of Spain - its history, current members of the royal family and their activities, legal acts pertaining to the royal family.

  • Rural Support Service
    Rural Support Service page informs about its duties to administrate the State support and the EU support to rural areas, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, accept and assess support applications (projects), decision-making on allocation or rejection of the funding, decision-making on payment or rejection of the support and keeps records of the executed payments and their utilization control. Page offers a possibility to get acquainted with rural support programs, their requirements and founding documents.

  • Saeima. Parliament of the Republic of Latvia
    History of the legislative power in Latvia, full text of the Constitution (Satversme), information on the legislative process and parliamentary agendas, transcripts of parliamentary sessions, database of draft laws.

  • Senate. Upper-house of the Parliament of the Spain
    Information on the Senate of the Spain - history, functions, bills, government control, legislative procedure and interparliamentary affairs. Constitution of the Spain. Links to other sites on institutions of Spain.

  • Slovak Republic Government Office
    Information on the government of the Slovak Republic, including history of Slovakia, government creation, history of government building and other information. Links to other web pages on main organs of the state, ministries, political parties and sites of governments of other states.

  • State Agency for Technical Surveillance
    Information on registration of tractors in the Republic of Latvia - rules, fees, and other information (in Latvian).

  • State and Municipal Living-house Privatization Commission of the City of Riga
    Page contains information about living-house privatization process, its results (statistics), gives answers to questions concerned with privatization and themes connected with it. There is also important information for those who have already become a living-house or flat owner after privatization - how to manage the house, what contracts to sign, samples of statutes etc.

  • State Audit Office of the Republic of Latvia
    Information on State Audit Office - structure, history, legal background. Information on revision procedure, development plans and State Audit Office local newssheet - "Vēstis". Information on State Audit Office revisions.

  • State Border Guard of the Republic of Latvia
    Information on the State Border Guard and requirements for crossing the border of the Republic of Latvia.

  • State Enterprise Register
    Basic information on establishing enterprises and NGOs, registration of enterprises, legal acts in this area. Information on sworn auditors, matrimonial agreements. Overview of the Commercial Law reform in Latvia and information connected with EU and enterprise registration. Registration form samples. Information about the services of the State Enterprise Register and European Business register database.

  • State Fire Fighting and Rescue Service
    Information on latest statistics and rescue. Links to other sites on other fire fighting and rescue services in the world.

  • State Land Register
    Information about the Land Register of Latvia, Land Register department and sections. Legislation, information about the registration of real estate and publications. Property search opportunities.

  • State Land Service of the Republic of Latvia
    Information on functions and structure of State Land Service. Reviews of Baltic real estate market since 2000 and information on cadastral valuation of real estate for real estate taxation purposes in Latvia. Links to other sites on organizations which membership includes State Land Service of the Republic of Latvia.