• State Plant Protection Service of the Republic of Latvia
    Information on institution performing function of plant variety protection, seed control, plant health control and plant protection.

  • State Real Estate
    Information on the activities of the joint-stock company "State Real Estate". List of state real estate and largest construction projects, information on the rent, purchase and management of real estate.

  • State Revenue Service
    Texts of legal acts and auxiliary documents in the area of taxes and duties, customs and customs procedure, application of customs tariffs, observation of import and export procedure.

  • Stortinget. Norwegian Parliament
    The site contains information about the Storting (Norwegian Parliament), its members, the administration and the Norwegian political system, as well as Storting's history, elections, legislative procedure.

  • Swedish Patent and Registration Office
    Swedish Patent and Registration Office registers not only patents, trademarks and designs, but also people's names and surnames, periodicals. Page informs about all the activities of the office and gives answers on various questions related to this sphere.

  • the Equality Ombudsman of Sweden
    The Equality Ombudsman is a government agency that seeks to combat discrimination and promote equal rights and opportunities at working and study environment. Legal acts concerning discrimination, information about the Ombudsman and its functions, publications, practical information on recognizing dicrimination.

  • The Ombudsman for Children in Sweden
    Homepage contains information about activities of the ombudsman, its historic origins and significance as well as annual reports.

  • The State Language Centre
    Translations of Latvian legal acts into English, translations of EU and international legal acts into Latvian, terminology database, publications.

  • The Ukrainian Parliament
    The official web site of the Ukrainian Parliament, Verkhovna Rada. The web site contains information about the personnel and activities of the parliament, a data base of laws of Ukraine as well as links to web sites of other state authority supreme bodies.

  • Treasury of the Republic of Latvia
    Information on activities of the State Treasury, state budget fulfilment reviews, central and local government reports, government securities, regulations on securities. Database of payments made by state institutions since beginning of 2003 (in Latvian).

  • Union of Local and Regional Governments of Latvia
    Information about the Union of Local and Regional Governments, its statutes and activities, as well as brief information on organizations related to it. Description of its activities in Europe and reports on previous and ongoing projects related to the development of local governments in Latvia.

  • United Kingdom Parliament
    Information on newest events in the United Kingdom Parliament, guide to the Palace of Westminster, information on members of the Parliament - Lords and Commons, publications of the Parliament and other materials, the legislation adopted by the Parliament and legislative procedure, detailed information on the House of Lords. Information on the history of the Parliament. Visiting possibilities and virtual tours. Links to other sites on central government, elections, local government, monarchy, media, and other sites on United Kingdom.

  • U.S. Department's of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics
    U.S. Department of Justice offers its statistics in crime, victimization, prisons, shows international statistics, prosecutions, crime trends etc.

  • U.S. Department of State
    Information on the activities and organization of U.S. Department of State and its institutions - Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labour, The Office of International Religious Freedom (Reports, Archive 1997-2000, related links, legislation, fact sheets), Human Rights and Democracy Fund ((HRDF) Human Rights Reports), Business centre (Guide to doing business with the Department of State, US Trade Policy), Diplomatic list, International topics and issues (arms control, biotechnology, corruption, information technology, history of foreign relations, HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, law enforcement, legal issues, narcotics, religious freedom, refugees, terrorism).

  • U.S. Government printing office (GPO)
    The U.S. Government Printing Office disseminates official information from all three branches of the Federal Government: legislative power, procedure, information from Congress, Congressional documents and materials, presidential materials, executive publications, reports, investigations, the Federal Register is available in this page (the official daily publication for rules, proposed rules, and notices of Federal agencies and organizations, as well as executive orders and other presidential documents), judicial power, court system.