• JURIST. Legal news and research
    JURIST's legal news and research service is based in University of Pittsburg School of Law and staffed by legally trained law professors and students reporting and researching law in real time. Page offers legal information, latest news and materials around the world, separating information about USA and specific states. Access to Gazette - JURIST's web log of documents: major judicial opinions, bills, reports, testimony and other official and/or primary source materials making legal news. Browser of documents and video materials from major legal events of the world are available.

  • Justia
    Justia aims to advance the availability of free and easy to find legal resources by providing a comprehensive collection of links to US and Latin American legal resources. Topics covered include legislation, case law, legal education, legal profession, legal articles, legal blog and twitter databases.

  • Latvian Centre for Human Rights (LCHR)
    Overview of LCHR's activities in areas such as social integration, tolerance and anti-discrimination, rights of asylum seekers and persons detained in 'closed institutions'. - prisons, mental hospitals and police short-term isolation cells. Information on legal assistance provided by the centre; LCHR publications on various human rights topics.

  • Lauterpacht Research Centre for International Law
    Information activities of the institute, links to web pages of international organizations and legal research guides and journals, access to online library catalogues and index to library catalogues worldwide. Information on scholarships and research possibilities at the institute.

  • Law Reform Database (British Columbia)
    The webpage contains over 6800 records on law reform. Each record describes a discrete publication of one of the law reform agencies in Canada, the Commonwealth or the United States.

  • Legal Portal of Luxembourg
    Contains legislation and individual administrative acts of Luxembourg as well as collection of publications on commercial companies of Luxembourg. Includes catalogue of publications of Ministries of Luxembourg.

  • Legal Resource Centre of Alberta
    The Legal Resource Centre of Alberta (LRC) is a public legal education organization committed to creating access to legal information for all Canadians. the LRC has designed and developed websites and online resources in plain language for a variety of legal issues, users and learning styles. Homepage provides information on activities carried out by the LRC: podcasts, publications, projects, workshops, research etc.

  • Legal Resource Centre (South Africa)
    Information on projects and publications of the Legal Resource Centre. Provides news and full text articles related to human rights and judgements of the Constitutional Court of South Africa, the Supreme Court, and the High Court. Provides useful collection of links related to human rights in Africa.

  • Legislation of Albania
    Links to translations of Albanian law into English.

  • Legislation of Azerbaijan Republic
    Database of legal acts of the Republic of Azerbaijan: Constitution, laws, decisions of the Constitutional Court.

  • Lexum. Legal Technologies Firm.
    Lexum is a legal technologies firm, largely known as the designer and operator of CanLII website, which is now the main source of online Canadian legal information. Homepage offers information on services and solutions provided by Lexum, as well as links to legal information portals developed by the firm.

  • Lovdata. Norwegian law in English
    Page offers a collection of Norwegian legislation. Lovdata informs what legislation is in force, what kind of statutes are there in Norway, how to distinguish them, who is legislator and provides other legislative information. Supreme and Appellate Court decisions, Parliamentary decisions, international treaties are available in Norwegian.

  • Maastricht European Private Law Institue (M-EPLI) Working Papers
    The working papers series comprises publications of the institute’s research fellows on European private law, legal theory, and legal history.

  • Maastricht Faculty of Law working papers
    The working papers series comprises publications of Maastricht-based authors on various legal topics, mainly related to European Union law.

  • Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law
    Information on research activities and publications of the Max Planck Institute, list of research papers and other publications of the institute's researchers.