• Trans-Lex.Transnational commercial law
    Trans-Lex is an international research and codification platform, maintained by the University of Cologne, Germany, which aims to provide free and easy access to materials of transnational commercial law. The portal offers codified principles of transnational commercial law, prepared by Professor Klaus Peter Berger from the University of Cologne; the portal also provides a collection of national and international sources of commercial law, research papers, and historical materials on the topic.

  • Tribal Court Clearinghouse
    Resources on Native American law in the United States. Information on tribal jurisdiction and law, as well as relevant federal and state legislation and case law as well as information on topics related to tribal jurisdiction.

  • U4 Anti-corruption resource centre
    The Utstein Anti-Corruption Resource Centre guides to relevant anti-corruption resources and informs about the Utstein partners and their anti-corruption work. There is information about the latest anit-corruption projects of the world as well as those from previous periods and those which are already implemented. Anti-corruption codes of various states are also available there. In the resource section U4 offers its reports on anti-corruption situation in the world and particular states, as well as comparative analysis and texts of international conventions.

  • University of Minnesota Human Rights Library
    Information on library and search possibilities. Indexes of documents and materials in human rights, search possibilities in other human rights related homepages, information on study and scholarship possibilities, employment search possibilities, information on distance learning.

  • USA National Centre for State Courts
    The National Center for State Courts is an independent, nonprofit court improvement organization. The homepage provides information on events and courses organized by the center as well as access to the center’s publications and a digital library.

  • U.S. Department's of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics
    U.S. Department of Justice offers its statistics in crime, victimization, prisons, shows international statistics, prosecutions, crime trends etc.

  • US Federal Law The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)
    Andrew Grossman's bibliographic essay on US Federal Law The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), Citizenship-Based Taxation, Foreign Asset Reporting Requirements and American Citizens Abroad.

  • Virtual knowledge centre on Europe CVCE
    Centre virtuel de la connaissance sur l'Europe (CVCE) is an interdisciplinary research and documentation centre dedicated to the European integration process. Its homepage offers a wide range of multimedia documents (speeches, historical documents, interactive diagrams, etc.) on the history of the European Union, its structure, policies, and integration process.

  • vLex
    vLex is a fee-based database of foreign and international law. vLex provides access to official primary content (legislation, case law, etc.), secondary content (books, journals, news & business, etc.), and forms and contracts. The database covers 133 jurisdictions and countries.

  • World Legal Information Institute (WorldLII)
    Translation services. Decisions of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (since 1997). Cases and court judgements. Databases on the legal system of various countries. Information on legal reform in Australia, Ireland, Wales. Catalogue of law journals. Database of legal acts and international treaties in Asia and Australia.

  • Yale Law School Center for Global Legal Challenges
    The Centre conducts research in international law, national security law, and foreign affairs law. The homepage provides access to articles and white papers published by the Centre's staff, as well as appellate briefs prepared by the Centre.

  • Donation
    Page for donors and donation recipients, information they ought to know, their rights and obligations, charity projects available to be participated in.