• Human and Constitutional Rights
    The site, maintained by Arthur W. Diamond Law Library at Columbia Law School, compiles international and regional documents in the area of constitution law and human rights, reports of international organizations, and links to national, regional and international resources.

  • IALS. Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
    This site has detailed information on international and intergovernmental organisations. It also provides an electronic library and discussion lists. Information on academic institutions worldwide. Access to electronic law journals and law reports. Catalogue of legal services, legal offices and barristers (mainly in the United Kingdom).

  • Immigration Law - A Comparative Approach
    Guide to immigration law of Australia, Canada and the United States by Annmarie Zell.

  • IndLaw. Indian law guide
    Fee-based database, which provides Indian legislation, case law, and legal updates.

  • Indonesian Legal System
    An overview by Dr. Benny S.Tabalujan gives overview of the Indonesian constitutional structure, legislation, courts, government, legal professionals, researching Indonesian law, Indonesian business legislation sources.

  • International Boundaries Research Unit at the University of Durham
    This site collects resources on the peaceful resolution of problems associated with international boundaries on land and at the sea, including their delimitation, demarcation and management. This site provides information on training workshops, conferences, relevant publications (Boundary & Security Bulletin, Boundary & Territory Briefings, Maritime Briefings), it includes boundary news database and information on consultancy services.

  • International Commercial Contracts
    Cyril Emery’s guide provides an overview of the major primary sources of law for researching international commercial contracts

  • International criminal courts - legal research guide
    International criminal courts for the Former Yugoslavia, Rwanda and Sierra Leone: a guide to online and print resources, overview of the conflict, overview of the court, basic documents, case law by Amy Burchfield.

  • International Human Rights Network (IHRN)
    Guide to international human rights research. Webpage contains legal theory on human rights, its development and history, legal systems of protection of human rights as well as links to basic instruments on human rights, case law web pages and articles.

  • International human rights research guide
    Grace M. Mills' research guide includes information on basic documents in international human rights, United Nations documentation, human rights documents listed by subject matter, international organizations, international news organization, educational institutions, web information, international law journals.

  • International Sports Law
    Amy Burchfield’s research guide gives an overview of the key organizations that govern international sports, dispute settlement mechanisms, anti-doping regulation, and human rights issues in sports.

  • International Trademark Law – The Madrid System
    Guide to researching the Madrid system by Vicenç Feliú. The guide describes the Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol, together known as the Madrid System for the International Registration of Marks, registration procedure and searching for international trade marks.

  • Internet Legal Resource Guide
    Index of web pages with an emphasis on the United States of America. Forms of legal documents and contracts. Index of law journals. USA law school course outlines. Index of USA law schools and law school rankings. Samples of law school examinations, information on student associations, advises for the students, articles and legal research. Pre-law advices and help. Links to the professional lawyers' associations. Information on CLE, conferences and seminars. Index of legal advice, law offices and consultations. Links to the web sites of USA government and courts. Web sites indexes to recommended free services.

  • Introduction to Eritrean Legal System and Research
    Research guide, written by Luwam Dirar and Kibrom Tesfagabir, provides an overview of the Eritrean legal system as well as useful resources for in-depth research of Eritrean law.

  • Introduction to Hungarian Law Research
    Zsuzsanna Antal's guide reviews Hungary's constitution, parliament, Presidency, courts, national and local government, the judiciary, the legal profession, and sources of legal literature and information.