• National Centre of Legal Information of the Republic of Belarus
    Provides free online access to the complete set of Belarus laws, Presidential ordinances and decrees and decisions of the Government, including a complete list of daily-adopted legal acts on the National Register of Legal Acts of the Republic of Belarus (in Russian and English). Introduction to the legal system of Belarus, legal developments.

  • New Zealand Legal Information Institute (NZLII)
    A collection of New Zealand's legal acts and case law, links to online resources about New Zealand's legal system, different legal disciplines, legal education and legal profession.

  • N-lex. A common gateway to national law
    Project 'N-lex' provides access to the official databases of national laws in 28 EU countries.

  • North American Free Trade Agreement Secretariat (NAFTA)
    Information on organization and its member states. Text of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA ). Decisions and reports on implementation of agreement. Rosters of NAFTA Dispute Settlement Panels and Committees. Links to other governmental organizations of US, Mexico and Canada, as well as other international trade organizations.

  • On Law and the State. Portal of the Latvian Herald
    Portal is maintained by ‘Latvijas Vestnesis’ (Latvian Herald), official publisher of the Republic of Latvia, and offers authoritative and reliable access to official information. The portal provides information on new legal acts and amendments, explanations of law in practice, announcements of state institutions, e-consultations, links to databases of Latvian and European Union law.

  • Pacific Islands Legal Information Institute (PacLII)
    Full text, searchable legal information system containing legislation, court decisions and other legal materials from Pacific Islands.

  • Parliament of the Czech Republic
    The official website of the Parliament of Czech Republic or Chamber of Deputies provides information on the basis of functioning of the Chamber and legal regulation, its history, news and legislative process. Information on political parties and deputies of the Chamber, its agenda and documents (in Czech) as well as press releases can be found on the web page.

  • Parliament of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
    Official website of the Parliament of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The source contains information on the Parliament; it’s structure, members and practice as well as information on president, prime minister, ombudsman of the republic. In addition, the page contains legislation of the Republic since year 1995.

  • Philippine laws and jurisprudence databank
    Collection of legal acts and case law, outline of court system, information about Philippine's membership in international organizations and binding international treaties. Links to online legal resources.

  • Researching Constitutional Law on the Internet
    Collection of sites on U.S. (including state) constitution and constitutions of world countries, links to research publications, judgements, constitutional law research organizations.

  • Riksdag. Swedish Parliament
    Page offers possibility to get to know more about the Swedish Parliament, its activities, rights, responsibilities, history, latest news and decisions. Information about Parliaments' members, belonging to parties, women in politics, elections is also accessible. In order to provide the public with non-party political information about the EU and Sweden's membership of the EU the EU information centre was created and it offers online information in this page.

  • Roman Law
    History of Roman law, search of Roman law sources and texts, bibliography.

  • Roman Law Resources
    Search possibilities for literature, reviews, teaching materials, sources, bibliographies, electronic reprints in Roman Law. Directory of historians of ancient law, Roman, civil and ancient law portals. Directory of journals devoted to Roman and civil law, list of antiquarian booksellers. Project catalogue. Directory of Roman law faculties, institutes, chairs, libraries.

  • Saeima. Parliament of the Republic of Latvia
    History of the legislative power in Latvia, full text of the Constitution (Satversme), information on the legislative process and parliamentary agendas, transcripts of parliamentary sessions, database of draft laws.

  • Southern African Legal Information Institute (SAFLII)
    Southern African Legal Information Institute collects and publishes legal texts and case law from Southern and Eastern Africa as well as links to online legal resources about legal systems, different legal disciplines, legal education and legal profession in Southern and Eastern African countries.