• State Enterprise Register
    Basic information on establishing enterprises and NGOs, registration of enterprises, legal acts in this area. Information on sworn auditors, matrimonial agreements. Overview of the Commercial Law reform in Latvia and information connected with EU and enterprise registration. Registration form samples. Information about the services of the State Enterprise Register and European Business register database.

  • State Revenue Service
    Texts of legal acts and auxiliary documents in the area of taxes and duties, customs and customs procedure, application of customs tariffs, observation of import and export procedure.

  • Stortinget. Norwegian Parliament
    The site contains information about the Storting (Norwegian Parliament), its members, the administration and the Norwegian political system, as well as Storting's history, elections, legislative procedure.

  • Swedish statutes in translation
    Limited range of translated Swedish acts in such spheres as agriculture, fisheries, education, environmental protection, labour law a.o. Translations of Swedish Constitution and other fundamental acts are also available.

  • Swiss Institute of Comparative Law (ISDC)
    Official webpage of the organization with information on field of activity of the institute, access to the library catalogue un European documentation Centre, information on scholarships and visits at the institute, as well as planned colloquia and other events. Information of Institute Publications (acquisition of publications for a fee), reference to other online sites' search possibilities by theme or country. Information on publications of legal opinions of the institute (majority concerns family law and law of succession etc.).

  • Systematische Sammlung des Bundesrechts. Collection of the Federal Law of Switzerland
    Systematic collection of the Federal law of Switzerland that is prepared on the basis of the Federal law from October 6, 1996. The collection includes laws, regulations, decrees, international conventions, contracts and resolutions.

  • Tax and Accounting Sites Directory
    Information on US tax and accounting law, catalogue of links by themes. Catalogue of links of international tax and accounting sites by countries, catalogue of links to international tax and accounting sites, tax and accounting programmes, link to information on EU and VAT legislation, texts of international tax agreements, links to world government homepages. US tax form links, news, list of publishers` sites, catalogue of research publications, job opportunities. Catalogue of links on financial management, fraud prevention, financial accounting. Financial management of governmental and not-for-profit organizations.

  • The portal to Swiss legislation
    Homepage provides access to Swiss federal and cantonal legislation, information about legal updates, links to online resources about Swiss federal and cantonal law.

  • The State Language Centre
    Translations of Latvian legal acts into English, translations of EU and international legal acts into Latvian, terminology database, publications.

  • The Ukrainian Parliament
    The official web site of the Ukrainian Parliament, Verkhovna Rada. The web site contains information about the personnel and activities of the parliament, a data base of laws of Ukraine as well as links to web sites of other state authority supreme bodies.

  • THOMAS. Legislation in the U.S. Congress
    Free data base of federal legislative information, maintained by the Library of Congress. The data base offers access to bills and resolutions adopted by the Congress and their legislative history, treaties, congressional schedules and records, committee reports.

  • Thomson Reuters New Zealand
    A fee-based database containing information about legal and business issues in New Zealand.

  • T.M.C. Asser Institute
    Official webpage of T.M.C. Asser Institute. Information on T.M.C. Asser, history of the institute, study and research possibilities, international conferences and seminars. Access to library catalogue, ordering and acquisition of books (pay services). Selection of Internet resources. Legal Advice and consultancy to law firms, companies and governmental services in the fields of law covered by the institute. Access to European documentation Centre and its resources. Newsletter and information order form for Institute activities and fields of specialization. Bibliography. Netherlands case law and legislation (in Dutch) and state practice in Public International Law.

  • Translated Norwegian Legislation
    University of Oslo Faculty of Law Library's collection of translation of Norwegian legislation.

  • Trans-Lex.Transnational commercial law
    Trans-Lex is an international research and codification platform, maintained by the University of Cologne, Germany, which aims to provide free and easy access to materials of transnational commercial law. The portal offers codified principles of transnational commercial law, prepared by Professor Klaus Peter Berger from the University of Cologne; the portal also provides a collection of national and international sources of commercial law, research papers, and historical materials on the topic.