• Union of International Associations
    Links to international organizations selected from the Yearbook of International Organizations. Search options by name (alphabetically), subject areas, regional groupings.

  • United Nations documents
    Well-structured coverage of all relevant UN human rights bodies and documents including individual cases (University of Minnesota Human Rights Library).

  • United Nations Treaty Collection Database
    A database of treaties and international agreements registered and published by the Secretariat since 1946 (requires subscription). Texts of multilateral treaties recently deposited with the Secretary-General that have not yet been published in the United Nations Treaty Series. Monthly Statements of treaties and International Agreements. Summary of practice of the Secretary – General as Depositary of Multilateral Treaties.

  • United Nations (UN)
    Access to UN documents: General Assembly session documents, resolutions, and official letters, Secretary General's Reports to the Security Council, reports (for example, Human Rights Today). Information on UN institutions (General Assembly, Secretary General, Security Council, Sanctions Committees, Economical and Social Council, International Court of Justice, the Secretariat). Information on UN publications (some of them available online), databases, UNCDB, Monthly Bulletin on Statistics On-line, Daily Subsistence Allowance Rates, Official documents System (ODS) (requires subscription). Free access to UN Treaty Collection. Information on UN activities against terrorism, issues on the UN Agenda, Civil Society and Business, human rights, peace and security. International Law issues, law of the seas, international tribunals, International Criminal Court, UNCITRAL, codification of international law, technical assistance to states, treaties.

  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    Text of the declaration in world languages.

  • University of Minnesota Human Rights Library
    Information on library and search possibilities. Indexes of documents and materials in human rights, search possibilities in other human rights related homepages, information on study and scholarship possibilities, employment search possibilities, information on distance learning.

  • UN Security Council
    Home page of the UN Security Council. It also includes the database of UN Security Council documents: UN Security Council Resolutions (1946-2015), Presidential statements, letters exchanged with the Secretary General, reports of the Secretary General, reports of missions of the Security Council, information on the work of UN Committees and Commissions. Annual Report and Rules of Procedure of the Security Council. Wide opportunities for searching documents of UN Security Council.

  • Virtual Law Library
    The Virtual Law Library summarizes information about legal sources on the Internet: data bases, books, full texts, legal journals, bibliographies and other resources.

  • vLex
    vLex is a fee-based database of foreign and international law. vLex provides access to official primary content (legislation, case law, etc.), secondary content (books, journals, news & business, etc.), and forms and contracts. The database covers 133 jurisdictions and countries.

  • Women's Human Rights Resources
    Project of the University of Toronto on women's human rights. The website provides information on various topics related to women's rights worldwide. In addition, articles, reports, conventions and treaties, cases and links to other resources are provided.

  • Women in International Law. Research Resources
    Provides wide range of links to information resources on women's rights worldwide.

  • World Courts
    Provides information on the procedure, history and judgments of the various international judicial organisations including Permanent Court of International Justice, International Court of Justice, European Court of Human Rights, Economic Court of CIS and other international and regional courts.

  • World Legal Information Institute (WorldLII)
    Translation services. Decisions of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (since 1997). Cases and court judgements. Databases on the legal system of various countries. Information on legal reform in Australia, Ireland, Wales. Catalogue of law journals. Database of legal acts and international treaties in Asia and Australia.

  • WTO Dispute Settlement Gateway
    Information on World Trade Organization and its Dispute Settlement Body including dispute settlement rules, individual dispute cases. Search possibilities.

  • Yale Law School Center for Global Legal Challenges
    The Centre conducts research in international law, national security law, and foreign affairs law. The homepage provides access to articles and white papers published by the Centre's staff, as well as appellate briefs prepared by the Centre.