• Government of Albania. Prime Minister's Office
    Information on the government of Albania, its composition and programme as well as European Union integration.

  • Government of Croatia
    Information on the government of Croatia, government composition, activities. Information on ministries of Croatia and state administration and other state institutions. Information on local governments of Croatia. Links to other sites on Government of Croatia.

  • Government of Cyprus
    Official website of the government of Cyprus. Contains information on the government, its organisation, parliamentary elections, and the constitution of Cyprus. In addition, includes the United Nations', the European Union's, and the Commonwealth's documents related to Cyprus. Contains information on Cyprus accession to the European Union and the conflict between Cyprus and Turkey.

  • Government Office of the Republic of Estonia
    Information on functions, structure, and activities of the Government Office.

  • Government Offices of Iceland
    Information on government of Iceland and ministries. Information on competence, duties, latest events, politics of the ministries of Iceland. Legal acts of Island that are important in work of each ministry on performance of their duties. Information on work of ministries in the press and evaluation of each sphere ministries are working in. Information on different spheres, like education system, employment tendencies and many other. Under every ministry there are links to other pages on resources important in the work of ministry.

  • Government of Romania
    Website provides information on Romania’s government, prime minister and ministries as well as government objectives and strategies.

  • Government of the Republic of Lithuania
    Government of the Republic of Lithuania, its activities, links to ministries, database of legal acts (government resolutions), Office of the Prime Minister, Office of the Government.

  • Government Publications and Maps. Foreign Governments
    Catalogue of governmental and intergovernmental sites. Links to pages and databases containing legal documents of the United States and international legal documents concerning international organizations are available. Maps and links to other social science data resources are also available.

  • Guide to Irish Law
    Guide by Dr. Darius Whelan includes information on development of the Irish legal system, The Irish Constitution of 1937, primary legislation: Acts of the Oireachtas, secondary legislation: statutory instruments, courts and case law, government websites, solicitors and barristers, University Law Departments and Faculties.

  • Guide to Researching the Albanian Legal System
    Guide by Mbaresa Veleshnja Gentry to Albanian legal system, short country history, legislation, executive power.

  • Guide to Tanzanian legal system and legal research
    A guide by Bahame Tom Nyanduga, Christabel Manning, and Seka Kasera includes information on the political system of Tanzania, legislation, type of government and court system. Available information on sources of law, case law, legal education and legal profession. On-line resources.

  • Guide to the Lithuanian Legal System
    Guide by Elona Norvaisaite presents links to government sponsored websites, Lithuanian courts and case law, secondary sources, news, commercial sites and portals, as well as information on legal texts, legal profession, education, legal publications.

  • Guide to the Republic of Slovenia Legal System and Legal Research
    Maja čarni and špela Košak produce information about political system of the Republic of Slovenia, legislative, executive and judicial power. Available information about legal system and legal sources. Judicial profession and sources for legal research.

  • Guide to the Tunisian Legal System
    Dahmene Touchent and Aviva Zimbris' research guide provides information on the political system, legal system, and legal education in Tunisia.

  • Guide to the Turkish Public Law Order and Legal Research
    A guide by Serap Yazici includes information on political system of the Republic of Turkey, legislation, type of government and court system. Available information on legal sources of Turkish Law. Electronic addresses of various organizations, institutions, law faculties and journals concerning law.