• Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Latvia
    Documents, publications, information on the Ministry of Interior, its activities, system of ministry's institutions: State Police, Security Police, State Border Guard, State Fire Fighting and Rescue Service, Citizenship and Migration Agency, and Latvian Police Academy.

  • Ministry of Justice of Denmark
    Information on Danish legal system, different institutions and administration in the field of justice. Information on police, administrative courts, prosecution, prison and probation department, data protection agency and more. Links to other sites on different sites on legal system of Denmark.

  • Ministry of Justice of Finland
    Page gives information about the ministry itself, its operation and goals, and information on other components of judicial system: Office of the Data protection ombudsman, Office of the Prosecutor general, Accident investigation board a.o. institutions. Articles, and news on the current issues in the sphere of justice as well as publications and brochures are available.

  • Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania
    Information on the structure and activities of the Ministry of Justice, its activities and subordinate institutions.

  • Motor Insurers' Bureau of Latvia
    Information on the member companies of the compulsory Motor TPL Insurance System and insurance companies. Details about the Green Card System, notification of the loss. Legal acts regulating the compulsory Motor TPL Insurance System. Statistics and information for the experts. The searching system for the data on Motor TPL Insurance contracts.

  • Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs
    Information on services of Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, for instance delivery of residence permits, visas, passports - history of passports, types and documents needed. Different kind of statistics on citizenship and migration. Guidance information for asylum seeking and repatriation. Links to other sites on migration and refugee policy in various states.

  • Official web page of Monaco
    Official website of Monaco state. Contains information on the state, its history, institutions, judicial system and constitution. Provides access to the Official Journal of Monaco in French.

  • On Law and the State. Portal of the Latvian Herald
    Portal is maintained by ‘Latvijas Vestnesis’ (Latvian Herald), official publisher of the Republic of Latvia, and offers authoritative and reliable access to official information. The portal provides information on new legal acts and amendments, explanations of law in practice, announcements of state institutions, e-consultations, links to databases of Latvian and European Union law.

  • Overview of Sources of Canadian Law on the Web
    Research guide by Louise Tsang includes overview of sources of law - statutes and regulations, case law and governments.

  • Overview of the Sources of Italian Law
    Raffaele Ladu guide to online and hard copy sources of his countries' laws, legislation and regulations, an extensive section on citing Italian laws, Italian case law, government regulations, regional legislation, sources of labour law.

  • Overview of the Sudanese Legal System and Legal Research
    Sharanjeet Parmar produce information about political system of Sudan, court system, legal sources and customary law. Available information of particular legal matters- criminal law, civil law, children rights and duties, commercial law. Legal literature.

  • Parliament of the Czech Republic
    The official website of the Parliament of Czech Republic or Chamber of Deputies provides information on the basis of functioning of the Chamber and legal regulation, its history, news and legislative process. Information on political parties and deputies of the Chamber, its agenda and documents (in Czech) as well as press releases can be found on the web page.

  • Philippine Legal Research
    Milagros Santos-Ong informs on political structure, government structure, type of government,legal system, legal research, legal profession, legal bibliography and legal sources in Philippines.

  • President of Estonia
    Information concerning the Estonian President – his activities, schedule, speeches, press releases, statements. Constitution, national symbols, powers and responsibilities of the President of Estonia, historical overview of the Estonian heads of state. Information on the Office of President.

  • Procurement Monitoring Bureau
    Legal acts, regulating the procedure of procurements. Conceptions and drafts of legal acts. Teaching aids on procurement procedure and juridica_linksdb_documents samples. Published announcements on procurements and statistics. Information on Common Procurement Vocabulary.