• Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
    Information on institute, study and research possibilities at the institute and other human rights programmes. Access to catalogues of institute’s library, as well as of other organizations (search possibilities). Databases on International and Swedish law, access to electronic journals, dictionaries, encyclopaedias. Information on legal writing technique. Links to other international and regional human rights institutions and case law. Access to the UN databases and information on UN. Search for information on Internet by human rights topics.

  • Research Guide to the Turkmenistan Legal System
    A guide by Oleg Stalbovsky and Maria Stalbovskaya includes information on political system of the Republic of Turkmenistan, legislation, type of government and court system. Available information on the Turkish legal system and sources of law. A guide contains useful electronic links of various state organizations, institutions and legal materials.

  • Researching French Law
    Stéphane Cottin and Jérôme Rabenou's guide on the French legal system includes extensive links to government, legislative, and academic sources, as well as to commercial services, legal texts and discussion lists.

  • Researching South African Law
    Guide to researching South African law by Amanda Barratt, Pamela Snyman, and Redson Edward Kapindu. Information about political system of South Africa, legislative and executive power. South African court system, printed indexes to South African case law and on-line access to South African case law. Legal research tools.

  • Rural Support Service
    Rural Support Service page informs about its duties to administrate the State support and the EU support to rural areas, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, accept and assess support applications (projects), decision-making on allocation or rejection of the funding, decision-making on payment or rejection of the support and keeps records of the executed payments and their utilization control. Page offers a possibility to get acquainted with rural support programs, their requirements and founding documents.

  • Sierra Leone legal system and legal research
    Hanatu Kabbah gives information about political system of Sierra Leone, legislation, type of government and court system. Primary and secondary legal sources of Sierra Leone. Law reports. Legal education and legal profession.

  • State Agency for Technical Surveillance
    Information on registration of tractors in the Republic of Latvia - rules, fees, and other information (in Latvian).

  • State Audit Office of the Republic of Latvia
    Information on State Audit Office - structure, history, legal background. Information on revision procedure, development plans and State Audit Office local newssheet - "Vēstis". Information on State Audit Office revisions.

  • State Border Guard of the Republic of Latvia
    Information on the State Border Guard and requirements for crossing the border of the Republic of Latvia.

  • State Enterprise Register
    Basic information on establishing enterprises and NGOs, registration of enterprises, legal acts in this area. Information on sworn auditors, matrimonial agreements. Overview of the Commercial Law reform in Latvia and information connected with EU and enterprise registration. Registration form samples. Information about the services of the State Enterprise Register and European Business register database.

  • State Fire Fighting and Rescue Service
    Information on latest statistics and rescue. Links to other sites on other fire fighting and rescue services in the world.

  • State Land Service of the Republic of Latvia
    Information on functions and structure of State Land Service. Reviews of Baltic real estate market since 2000 and information on cadastral valuation of real estate for real estate taxation purposes in Latvia. Links to other sites on organizations which membership includes State Land Service of the Republic of Latvia.

  • The Swiss legal system and research
    Guide by Gregory M. Bovey includes information to the political system of Switzerland, legislation, case law. Available information about legal education, legal profession, legal literature, legal journals and legal publishers. Sources of legal research

  • The Ukrainian Parliament
    The official web site of the Ukrainian Parliament, Verkhovna Rada. The web site contains information about the personnel and activities of the parliament, a data base of laws of Ukraine as well as links to web sites of other state authority supreme bodies.

  • Treasury of the Republic of Latvia
    Information on activities of the State Treasury, state budget fulfilment reviews, central and local government reports, government securities, regulations on securities. Database of payments made by state institutions since beginning of 2003 (in Latvian).