• Overview of Polish Law
    Piotr Rakowski and Robert Rybicki's guide includes sources of online and hard copy resources on Polish law,information about Polish legal system, government, ministries and agencies, legal organizations, court system and the profession, and legal research tools.

  • Overview of Sources of Canadian Law on the Web
    Research guide by Louise Tsang includes overview of sources of law - statutes and regulations, case law and governments.

  • Overview of the Mongolian Legal System and Laws
    An overview of the Mongolian legal system and areas of law. Authors: Chris Melville, Erdenedalai (Dalai) Odkhuu, and Anthony Woolley.

  • Overview of the Sources of Italian Law
    Raffaele Ladu guide to online and hard copy sources of his countries' laws, legislation and regulations, an extensive section on citing Italian laws, Italian case law, government regulations, regional legislation, sources of labour law.

  • Overview of the Sudanese Legal System and Legal Research
    Sharanjeet Parmar produce information about political system of Sudan, court system, legal sources and customary law. Available information of particular legal matters- criminal law, civil law, children rights and duties, commercial law. Legal literature.

  • Parliament of the Czech Republic
    The official website of the Parliament of Czech Republic or Chamber of Deputies provides information on the basis of functioning of the Chamber and legal regulation, its history, news and legislative process. Information on political parties and deputies of the Chamber, its agenda and documents (in Czech) as well as press releases can be found on the web page.

  • Performing Legal Research. The Moldovan Experience
    Guide by Mariana Harjevschi and Svetlana Andritchi includes a background of the Moldovan legal system, executive, judicial and legislative powers, related legal institutions and many useful web resources, information about Moldovan legal information system.

  • Philippine Legal Research
    Milagros Santos-Ong informs on political structure, government structure, type of government,legal system, legal research, legal profession, legal bibliography and legal sources in Philippines.

  • President of Portuguese Republic
    Information on president and presidency of the Republic of Portugal - functions, legal basis, president himself. Information on the system of state of Portugal - symbols of the state, general situation, international organizations, which member is Portugal, state institutions and brief guide to their functions.

  • President of the Republic of Albania
    Information on President of the Republic of Albania - constitutional basis, biography, speeches, decrees, newest events. The anthem, emblem and the Constitution of Albania. Information on President's office.

  • PROVIDUS centre for public policy
    Site offers policy studies, reviews, articles and blogs on public policy issues in Latvia covering the following topics: policy process, social integration, rule of law, human rights, information society, civil society, education and employment, foreign affairs. Information on social projects implemented by PROVIDUS is also available.

  • Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
    Information on institute, study and research possibilities at the institute and other human rights programmes. Access to catalogues of institute’s library, as well as of other organizations (search possibilities). Databases on International and Swedish law, access to electronic journals, dictionaries, encyclopaedias. Information on legal writing technique. Links to other international and regional human rights institutions and case law. Access to the UN databases and information on UN. Search for information on Internet by human rights topics.

  • Research Guide to Belgian Law
    Guide by Christoph Malliet gives an overview of the Belgian legal system, Parliament, legislation, Law Reports (High Courts), bibliography and internet resources on Belgian law.

  • Research Guide to the Legal System of the Kingdom of Bhutan
    Research guide, written by Ershadul Karim and Chhime Tshoke Dorjee, provides an overview of the Bhutanese legal system as well as useful resources for in-depth research of Bhutanese law.

  • Research Guide to the Turkmenistan Legal System
    A guide by Oleg Stalbovsky and Maria Stalbovskaya includes information on political system of the Republic of Turkmenistan, legislation, type of government and court system. Available information on the Turkish legal system and sources of law. A guide contains useful electronic links of various state organizations, institutions and legal materials.