• SICE - Foreign Trade Information System
    Web page of the Trade Unit of the Organization of American States (OAS) uniting countries of Western Hemisphere that gives access to different free trade agreements signed by its member states, texts of international agreements un national legislation of the member countries on anti-dumping, competition policy, dispute settlement, electronic commerce, intellectual property rights, investment, services. Search for information also by country. Trade data, studies, trade related links.

  • Skudra & Udris. Attorneys at law
    Information on attorneys at law Skudra & Ūdris, their team, fields of actions and services provided.

  • Sorainen Law Offices
    Sorainen is one of the leasing law offices in Baltic region. Page provides explicit information on the law office, team, provided services, achievements etc. Office specializes in questions related to commerce and taxes. It provides consultations and representation in spheres like insurance, banking, construction, employment law, energy and public services, pharmacy, IP and IT law, taxes and customs, transport and maritime law etc. Page also provides information on carrier opportunities and seminars as well as access to database of publications.

  • Spīgulis & Kukainis. Attorneys at Law
    Full Service Business Law Firm based in Riga, Latvia. Firm specializes in business law, competition law, dispute resolution law etc. The home page offers information on law firm and its team, as well as on available services.

  • Swedish Patent and Registration Office
    Swedish Patent and Registration Office registers not only patents, trademarks and designs, but also people's names and surnames, periodicals. Page informs about all the activities of the office and gives answers on various questions related to this sphere.

  • Tark, Grunte. Sutkiene. Law office
    Page provides information on commercial law firm Tark Grunte Sutkiene, its team, services, carrier opportunities and achievements. Office provides wide range of services in field like M&A and corporate law, finance and capital markets, litigation and arbitration, regulatory and competition, real estate, tax.

  • VARUL. Law firm
    Homepage of law firm VARUL, which renders services to domestic and international clients on all aspects of business law. The homepage provides information on the firm, its activities and practices. Page also offers publications and news related to various legal topics and the law firm itself.

  • VILGERTS. Law firm
    VILGERT is law firm, which has its offices in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Belarus. The leading fields of practice of the office are M&A, competition law, public procurement, IP law, tax law, insurance and dispute resolution. Home page offers information on law firm and its services, lawyers and experience. Carrier opportunities and publications can also be found on the page.

  • Vindex. Law firm
    Information on the law firm Vindex, its team and services rendered by it in such spheres as taxes and finance, commercial law, real estate etc.

  • Wall. Law Firm
    The law firm Wall provides full profile legal services to local and International clients in all areas of commercial law. The home page contains information on law firm, its partners and services.

  • World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)
    Wide information on intellectual property (patents, trademarks, industrial design, geographic indications, copyright and related rights) and protection of it. Member states of organisation, official text of Convention, general information about organisation. Concept of intellectual property, protection of it, emerging issues in this area. Wide range of resources related to intellectual property and its protection is available: databases, legal resources on national and international protection of intellectual property, document, statistics, publications etc.

  • World Trade Organization (WTO)
    Information about organization itself, its structure, areas of activities, member states. Information on trade related topics like trade of goods and services, intellectual property issues, dispute settlement, trade monitoring etc. Information on the members of WTO. Official documents and legal texts of WTO, publications, statistics and economic researches, terminology database and other resources are available.