• Acta Prosperitatis
    Home page provides access to full texts of the journal ‘Acta Prosperitatis’, which is published by the Turiba University.

  • Agricultural Data Centre. State Agency
    State agency "Agricultural Date Centre" is a legal successor of “Latvian State Pedigree Information Data Processing Centre”. The Agency creates whole state register of animals and whole state register of owners, produces unique identification numbers for animals, prepares data for animal recording in State Herd book, processes genetic evaluation information, organizes milk recording and produces annual report.

  • AmberLaw. Law firm
    AmberLaw is a full-service law firm providing a broad range of transaction and litigation services to companies. The home page contains information on law firm, its services, team and experience.

  • Attorney Roberts Kantsons
    Homepage of sworn attorney Roberts Kantsons. Information on the attorney, his professional experience and spheres of practice.

  • Baltic Factoring. Law Office
    "Baltic Factoring" Law Office provides service in the sphere of civil, corporate, labour, land as well as family law, legal representation, participation in the negotiations etc. Company specialists render practical assistance in solving problems related to real estate, intellectual property, levy of accounts receivable both pre-trial and juridically, registration of commercial enterprises in Latvia and Lithuania.

  • Baltic International Arbitration Court
    Information of Baltic International Arbitration Court - clauses, rules, arbitrators, normatives and expenses.

  • Bank of Latvia
    Information on objectives and history of Bank of Latvia, its structure, monetary policy and payment system. Oversight of payment system of Latvia and review of payment system in Latvia, as well as monetary bulletin and annual reports. The financial information on external debt, interest rates and international reserves, money market, securities. Laws and regulations on banking and connected spheres in the Republic of Latvia. Information on money of Latvia- history, banknotes and coins, security features, and other.

  • Bishers & Partners. Attorneys at law
    Attorneys at law 'Bishers & Partners' offer a wide spectre of services in such spheres as private law, public law, representation of clients' interests, drawing up legal documents, legal translation, work safety. The office also provides services of a sworn notary as well as consultations on taxation and real estate.

  • bnt. Attorneys at Law
    bnt is an international law office, which is based in ten Central and East European countries. It offers legal assistance in all core areas related to commercial law. The page provides not only basic information on bnt and its areas of specialization, but also legal news related to all countries where bnt law offices are located.

  • Borenius. Attorneys at Law
    Information on law firm, its activities and current events, list of lawyers. Law firm provides services related to transactions, assistance in conflict resolution as well as legal assistance and advice in various fields of law e.g. tax law, real estate, public procurement, employment law, corporate advisory etc.

  • Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia
    Composition of Cabinet of Ministers, links to ministries, news, data base of draft legal acts (in Latvian), State Chancellery.

  • Carrington, Hall & Hamburg. Law office
    Information on services rendered by the law office, lawyers, previous experience and functioning in such spheres as banking law, real estate, construction law, corporate law, insurance law, tax law etc.

  • Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR)
    Information on economic and social rights worldwide, international and national projects of the center, publications and events. Includes wide collection of links related to human rights worldwide.

  • Centre for Constitutional Studies
    The resource provides links to Canadian constitutional web pages, constitutions of the world, judicial decisions of various courts, information on human rights and legislatures around the world.

  • Chancery of the President of the Republic of Latvia
    Information on the President's duties and activities as well as the Chancery of the President.