• ABA Administrative Procedure Database Archive
    This database is developed by the American Bar Association and provides access to resources on U.S. administrative procedure not readily available elsewhere

  • Attorney Roberts Kantsons
    Homepage of sworn attorney Roberts Kantsons. Information on the attorney, his professional experience and spheres of practice.

  • Bishers & Partners. Attorneys at law
    Attorneys at law 'Bishers & Partners' offer a wide spectre of services in such spheres as private law, public law, representation of clients' interests, drawing up legal documents, legal translation, work safety. The office also provides services of a sworn notary as well as consultations on taxation and real estate.

  • bnt. Attorneys at Law
    bnt is an international law office, which is based in ten Central and East European countries. It offers legal assistance in all core areas related to commercial law. The page provides not only basic information on bnt and its areas of specialization, but also legal news related to all countries where bnt law offices are located.

  • British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII)
    Full text, searchable legislation and case law databases covering England and Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and United Kingdom, fully cross-referenced. Judgments are linked through to other decisions or to the legislation and, where relevant, to decisions of Australian, Canadian and other linked sites worldwide. Resources include House of Lords decisions, Court of Appeal of England and Wales decisions, High Court of England and Wales decisions, Northern Ireland Court of Appeal decisions, High Court of Northern Ireland decisions, Irish Supreme Court decisions, Irish High Court decisions, Irish Competition Authority decisions, Irish Information Commissioner's decisions, Scottish Court of Sessions decisions, Scottish High Court decisions, Scottish Sheriff Courts decisions and legislation for Northern Ireland, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

  • Courts of Norway
    Page contains information about Norwegian legal system, core principles of court practice, judges - their rights and responsibilities, criminal and civil procedure (only in Norwegian), as well as a short glance in a history of Norwegian court system. A special section is devoted to advices (only in Norwegian) what to do in various situations when judicial help in protecting one's rights is necessary.

  • E-jurists. Portal of Legal Aid
    E-jurists in cooperation with NAIS (legislation information system) offers news in legislation - information about the latest legal acts of the Republic of Latvia (laws, bills, regulations, decrees, etc.). Information about legal acts is free of charge. Portal contains also model contracts in different fields of law and offers a possibility to order a contract, as well as receive a legal and book-keeping consultation.

  • Janis Muiznieks. Sworn advocate
    Sworn advocate Jānis Muižnieks provides legal services related to civil, commercial, administrative and criminal law. The page provides detailed information on provided services, information on education and experience of advocate as well as his blog on various legal questions.

  • J. Karklins Law Firm
    Information on J. Karklins Law Firm, its services and experience. The law firm specialises in business law in Latvian and European Union context.

  • Judicial system in Finland
    Page is dedicated to Finnish judicial system. Four large segments - Finnish courts, Prosecutors, Legal aid, Enforcement - contain more detailed information about the mentioned theme. Court descriptions include information about every court authority, justices and personnel, court authorizations, legislation regulating its functioning. In the section about prosecutors the definition of prosecutor is given, rights and obligations of prosecutors are explained and links to other pages about prosecutors are offered. Judicial aid section gives information about available judicial aid, its costs, how to apply for public legal aid. In connection with enforcement information on rights and duties of creditor, debtor and employee in case of enforcement of the judgment especially debt recovery.

  • Latvian Law Guide
    Guide to the Latvian legal system and legal sources. Authors - Ilona Ceica, Ligita Vasermane.

  • LEXTAL. The Baltic Law Firm
    LEXTAL is a full service corporate law firm which operates in all three Baltic states. Homepage of the law firm provides information on origins of the law firm, its lawyers, and areas of practice.

  • LLRX. Law Library Resource Xchange
    News and indexes of legal resources. Court rules, forms and dockets in the USA. Links to other sites of legal resources. Catalogue of law libraries.

  • Lursoft
    Offers database of enterprises registered in Latvia, their managers, shareholders, fixed capital and annual accounts, database of the Register of Movable Pledges, digital library of the newspapers of Latvia, database of court claims, database of all foreign companies established joint ventures in Latvia. Requires subscription.

  • Ministry of Justice of Denmark
    Information on Danish legal system, different institutions and administration in the field of justice. Information on police, administrative courts, prosecution, prison and probation department, data protection agency and more. Links to other sites on different sites on legal system of Denmark.