• A Guide to Legal Research in Russia
    Research guide by Arina V. Popova and Andrey A. Arnautovich. This guide describes Russian political and legal system, sources of law, legal education and legal professions.

  • A Guide to the Singapore Legal System and Legal Research
    Research guide by Tzi Yong Sam Sim and Chai Yee Xin. Information on Singaporean legal system, sources of law, court system and alternative dispute resolution. The guide also contains links to online resources about Singaporean law and legal databases for researching Singaporean law.

  • American Bar Association Central European and Eurasian Law Initiative (CEELI)
    A project of the American Bar Association that advances the rule of law in the world by supporting the legal reform process in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The page offers latest regional news in the legal field, descriptions of current and past programs as well as publications related to legal systems of these states and their development.

  • An Overview of Malaysian Legal System and Research
    Research guide by Dr. Sharifah Suhanah Syed Ahmad. Information on Malaysian legal system and its history as well as position of Islamic law.

  • Council of Bars and Law Societies of the European Union
    Information on the lawyers of the European Union that has been united for the protection of the rights of the European Union lawyers in different spheres. Case law on the free movement of lawyers. Information on the code of conduct of lawyers in the European Union. Information on legal guide in the European Union, information on what is criteria for lawyers in different Member States. Links to other sites on training possibilities for lawyers in the European Union, other international organizations, general legal sites, bar and law associations, and different search engines. Statistics on the lawyers in the Member States and candidate states.

  • Finnish Law on the Internet
    Guide by Sami Sarvilinna and Erika Bergström includes: information on the constitution, court system, Parliament and overall government, as well as resources on the legal profession, case law and legislation.

  • Guide to MERCOSUR (Mercado Comun del Sur) legal research: sources and documents
    Research guide on MERCOSUR by Edgardo Rotman and Euyelit Moreno. The purpose of the agreement beteeen Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay, establishing MERCOSUR, was to set up a common market and eliminate trade barriers among the signatory parties. The research guide provides information on MERCOSUR's basic documents, organization and structure, investments and competition, civil procedure, criminal procedure, illegal traffic of minors, transportation, trade in services, education, consumer rights, insurance, labor law, postal agreements, trademarks, social security, environment, agreement between MERCOSUR and other regional organizations and states. The guide includes bibliography and a list of internet sources.

  • High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Hercegovina
    Information on the court system of Bosnia and Hercogovina. Information on criminal and civil procedure in Bosnia and Hercogovina, examples of procedural documents. Information on judges of Bosnia and Hercogovina, their appointment procedure, and guarantees. Links to other state institutions, official gazette, association of judges, and other related sites.

  • IALS. Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
    This site has detailed information on international and intergovernmental organisations. It also provides an electronic library and discussion lists. Information on academic institutions worldwide. Access to electronic law journals and law reports. Catalogue of legal services, legal offices and barristers (mainly in the United Kingdom).

  • Infolex. Legal Portal of Lithuania
    Lithuanian legal portal, which gives the information on latest developments of legislation process. Includes guide "Doing business in Lithuania", which gives information for Lithuanian and foreign entrepreneurs and investors on situation in state in different areas: possibilities setting up the business, business infrastructure, finances, taxation, accounting, intellectual property, real estate evaluation and other important issues. Complete overview of different businesses.

  • International Bar Association
    Website of the International Bar Association. Information on the association, its structure and activities; conference calendar, publications and video materials.

  • Introduction to Eritrean Legal System and Research
    Research guide, written by Luwam Dirar and Kibrom Tesfagabir, provides an overview of the Eritrean legal system as well as useful resources for in-depth research of Eritrean law.

  • Latvian Council of Sworn Advocates
    Information on Latvian Council of Sworn Advocates and regulation of professional activities of sworn advocates, list of sworn advocates.

  • Latvian Sworn Notary Council
    Information on Latvian Sworn Notary Council, its responsibilities and composition, searchable database of Latvian sworn notaries, sworn notary price list for services.

  • Legal Information Institute
    Detailed information on Administrative law, Constitutional law and Human Rights Law in the United States. USA federal and state constitutions and codes, opinions from the US Supreme Court, Federal Court and state courts, court decisions, discussion papers and reports. Catalogue of International and Comparative Law. Access to American Legal Ethics Library and Social Security Library. Introduction to legal writing. Catalogue of reports, papers and working papers. Catalogue of legal services and legal offices.