• bnt. Attorneys at Law
    bnt is an international law office, which is based in ten Central and East European countries. It offers legal assistance in all core areas related to commercial law. The page provides not only basic information on bnt and its areas of specialization, but also legal news related to all countries where bnt law offices are located.

  • Data Protection in the European Union
    Information on the transposition of the Data Protection Directive and position papers from the interested parties on the Directive. Online consultation, information on the European Data Protection Supervisor. Links to national Data Protection Commissioners in the Member States, Accession Countries and Third Countries. Legislative documents regulating data protection in EU and international instruments. Studies and Reports of the European Commission on data protection.

  • Data State Inspection
    Page informs about personal data protection in Latvia, about responsibilities of Data State Inspection, its functions, current events in data protection field. Page offers download of forms and collection of links to other data protection authorities in the world.

  • Dutch Data Protection Authority
    Information on data protection system in Netherlands, including general advises in different spheres, research and description of the Netherlands' data protection legal acts. Information on data protection system in EU.

  • eLawOnline. Legal Link Directory
    Catalogue of internet resources of the United Kingdom on criminal law, intellectual property law, family law, employment law, maritime, human rights as well as law firms, organizations and associations, legal education, legal publications and publishers. Legal resources on European Union and international law.

  • E-society Solutions. Law firm
    Law firm "E-society Solution" offers advice on legal and technical aspects of information and data processing, as well as consultations about commercial law issues. Hopage also offers information on training programs organized by the firm.

  • FindLaw
    Catalogue of USA legislation texts, judgements and opinions of USA courts, newsletter on law issues, samples of legal documents and contracts, catalogue of law journals and law reviews, legal dictionary, links to other legal resources on the Internet. Legal news, discussions and commentary on legal issues. Practical advices, job opportunities, career advices. Catalogue of legal organisations. Information on legal seminars, conferences and CLE. Catalogue of Law schools, course outlines, law student resources.

  • Hieros Gamos
    USA law (Federal government, legislative, executive, judicial, state law). International Law catalogue (NAFTA, United Nations, European Union). Catalogue of Legal associations (lawyers and professional associations, foundations, Bar associations). Legal directories, law firms, experts, consultants, ADR, private investigators, process servers, legal services. Practical advises on legal issues, information on legal education. Full texts of USA legal acts. Links to the information on other countries. Information on e-commerce and consumers rights. Legal news, dictionaries, legal forms. Catalogue of law libraries and law journals.

  • Information Commissioner and Data Protection in the United Kingdom
    The Information Commissioner has a range of duties including the promotion of good information handling and the enforcement of data protection in the United Kingdom. This home page provides information on the activities of the Information Commissioner and gives insight in the regulation of data protection. Guidance in principles of data protection and health data is also available.

  • Klavins Ellex. Attorneys at law
    Information on services rendered by the law office, partners and sworn attorneys, previous experience and functioning in such spheres as MA & corporate, trade and technology, finance and tax, EU and competition law, property and environment, employment, dispute resolution. Page also offers news and events section, which also contains publications.

  • KPMG Law Firm
    Information on law firm, its activities and lawyers. KPMG Law firm is a business law firm specializing in corporate and financial law.

  • Ministry of Justice of Denmark
    Information on Danish legal system, different institutions and administration in the field of justice. Information on police, administrative courts, prosecution, prison and probation department, data protection agency and more. Links to other sites on different sites on legal system of Denmark.

  • Ministry of Justice of Netherlands
    Contains information and official documents relating to state policy in family law, aliens, data protection, euthanasia and games of chance. In addition, contains information on organisation of the Ministry, its structure and activities. Includes press releases, speeches and publications of the Ministry.

  • National Abortion Federation
    Website of the National Abortion Federation in the USA provides information on legislation and public policy as well scientific data.

  • On Law and the State. Portal of the Latvian Herald
    Portal is maintained by ‘Latvijas Vestnesis’ (Latvian Herald), official publisher of the Republic of Latvia, and offers authoritative and reliable access to official information. The portal provides information on new legal acts and amendments, explanations of law in practice, announcements of state institutions, e-consultations, links to databases of Latvian and European Union law.