• Albanian Parliament
    Information on the Albanian Parliament - structure, rules of procedure, parliamentary committees, bulletin, parliamentary groups. Albanian Constitution. Information on interparliamentary relations of Albanian Parliament.

  • Algerian law guide
    Algerian law guide. Contains information on executive, legislature and judicial power as well as case law in Algeria. Also contains information on sources of law in Algeria. Includes collection of links to governmental organizations, courts and legal databases.

  • Althingi. The Parliament of Iceland
    Official webpage of the Parliament of Iceland. Contains information on the parliament’s history, elections, legislation and its procedure, organization as well as publication in English with information about the parliament of Iceland.

  • An Introduction to New Zealand Law & Sources of Legal Information
    Margaret Greville and Maria Connor provide a guide rich in content and links to her country's legal system, with topics including the government and legal system, primary legal information, case law, the legal profession, legal news sources and legal texts.

  • Asian Legal Information Institute (AsianLII)
    Information about Asian countries' sources of law and Asian regional organizations. Links to online resouces about Asian countries' legislative, executive and judicial power, case law, legal education, legal publishers and legal magazines, legal doctrine.

  • Assembly (Parliament) of the Republic of Portugal
    Information on the parliament of the Republic of Portugal - its committees, powers and duties, composition order, election results and information about deputies. Constitution of the Republic of Portugal and other constitutional documents, as well as electoral legal acts. Information on government program and latest events. Links to sites of other state institutions in the Portugal.

  • Centre for Constitutional Studies
    The resource provides links to Canadian constitutional web pages, constitutions of the world, judicial decisions of various courts, information on human rights and legislatures around the world.

  • Chamber of Deputies of Italy
    Information on the Chamber of Deputies of the bicameral parliament of Italy - its composition, functions, participation in the legislative process, legal acts governing the Chamber, relations with international organizations and the European Union.

  • Congress. Lower-house of the parliament of Spain
    Information on Parliament of Spain, deputies, elections, and bodies of the Parliament - bureau, board of Spokesman, deputation, committees, subcommittees and others. Information on deputies of the Parliament - their speeches, personnel home-pages. Official publications of the Parliament and other constitutional institutions. Information on the Parliament's relations with European Union institutions. Links to other sites on parliaments of different world countries, ministries of the Spain government and other institutions of the Spain.

  • Croatian Legal System
    Research guide by Dunja Kuecking and Milivoje žugiã provides detailed information on the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the government as well as topical links on issues including human rights, legal education, and legal publishers.

  • Description of the Structure of the Hellenic Republic, the Greek Legal System, and Legal Research
    Organization of the state, legislative branch, executive branch, judicial branch, history and sources of Greek law.

  • Doing Legal Research in Brazil
    Research guide by Edilenice Passos gives information on Brazilian state structure (devision of powers), legal system, judicial and legislative sources, primary legal resources, institutions dealing with judicial information, legal research, codes, topical areas of the law, bibliographic references.

  • Doing Legal Research in Romania
    Dana Neacsu and Anamaria Corbescu provide detailed information in six major areas: the Romanian legal system, primary legal resources, secondary legal resources, legal organizations, and specific topics in Romanian law (criminal, tax, family, commercial law etc.), International Law and EU Expansion.

  • Electronic Guide to Mexican Law
    Francisco Avalos and Elisa Donnadieu's guide includes an overview of Mexico's government and legal system, primary federal legislation, legislative sources, NAFTA, state governments, and many useful web links.

  • Essential Issues of the Chilean Legal System
    Basic structure of the Chilean legal system, constitutional principles, government structure, legislation, court system, administrative organization, information sources