• A Guide to the Singapore Legal System and Legal Research
    Research guide by Tzi Yong Sam Sim and Chai Yee Xin. Information on Singaporean legal system, sources of law, court system and alternative dispute resolution. The guide also contains links to online resources about Singaporean law and legal databases for researching Singaporean law.

  • Algerian law guide
    Algerian law guide. Contains information on executive, legislature and judicial power as well as case law in Algeria. Also contains information on sources of law in Algeria. Includes collection of links to governmental organizations, courts and legal databases.

  • American Law Sources On-line (ALSO!)
    Provides a comprehensive and unified compilation of links to freely accessible sources of law of the United States, Canada and Mexico and introductions to their legal systems. This site contains additional links to sources with commentaries and practical advises as well as information on law schools, lawyers profession and law reviews.

  • An Introduction to New Zealand Law & Sources of Legal Information
    Margaret Greville and Maria Connor provide a guide rich in content and links to her country's legal system, with topics including the government and legal system, primary legal information, case law, the legal profession, legal news sources and legal texts.

  • Asian Legal Information Institute (AsianLII)
    Information about Asian countries' sources of law and Asian regional organizations. Links to online resouces about Asian countries' legislative, executive and judicial power, case law, legal education, legal publishers and legal magazines, legal doctrine.

  • British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII)
    Full text, searchable legislation and case law databases covering England and Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and United Kingdom, fully cross-referenced. Judgments are linked through to other decisions or to the legislation and, where relevant, to decisions of Australian, Canadian and other linked sites worldwide. Resources include House of Lords decisions, Court of Appeal of England and Wales decisions, High Court of England and Wales decisions, Northern Ireland Court of Appeal decisions, High Court of Northern Ireland decisions, Irish Supreme Court decisions, Irish High Court decisions, Irish Competition Authority decisions, Irish Information Commissioner's decisions, Scottish Court of Sessions decisions, Scottish High Court decisions, Scottish Sheriff Courts decisions and legislation for Northern Ireland, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

  • Centre for Constitutional Studies
    The resource provides links to Canadian constitutional web pages, constitutions of the world, judicial decisions of various courts, information on human rights and legislatures around the world.

  • Constitutional Court of Portugal
    Homepage of the Constitutional Court of Portugal. Information on the Court, its history, jurisdiction and procedure, summaries of judgments, Law of the Constitutional Court.

  • Constitutional Court of Russian Federation
    Page contains information about Constitutional Court of Russian Federation, its structure and adjudicated cases, full texts of documents referring to the court, statistics of most common claims and regulation of submission of a claim.

  • Constitutional Court of South Africa
    The official website contains cases and judgements of the court, rules of the court information on the court (bodies, judges, admissibility, proceedings etc.) and forthcoming hearings.

  • Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic
    Information on composition and organization of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, list of justices, text of Constitution, database of cases and judgments.

  • Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia
    Information on Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia, Constitution of the Republic of Croatia, procedure, list of judges.

  • Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania
    Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, information on judges of the Court, on rules of procedure, database of Court rulings, decisions and conclusions since 1993 are available. List of publications of the Constitutional Court. Statistics on petitions and inquiries received at the Constitutional Court since 1993.

  • Constitutional Courts Links
    Links to websites of constitutional courts all over the world.

  • Courthouse Libraries BC
    Homepage of the Courthouse Libraries BC provides legal research guides on Canadian law as well as links to homepages on Canadian court system.