• Canon Law Research Guide
    This is a legal research guide to canon law by Don Ford in the Catholic church (both Roman and Eastern rites), the orthodox churches, the Anglican churches, the Lutheran churches, and the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (L.D.S. or Mormons).

  • Centre for Constitutional Studies
    The resource provides links to Canadian constitutional web pages, constitutions of the world, judicial decisions of various courts, information on human rights and legislatures around the world.

  • FindLaw
    Catalogue of USA legislation texts, judgements and opinions of USA courts, newsletter on law issues, samples of legal documents and contracts, catalogue of law journals and law reviews, legal dictionary, links to other legal resources on the Internet. Legal news, discussions and commentary on legal issues. Practical advices, job opportunities, career advices. Catalogue of legal organisations. Information on legal seminars, conferences and CLE. Catalogue of Law schools, course outlines, law student resources.

  • Human and Constitutional Rights
    The site, maintained by Arthur W. Diamond Law Library at Columbia Law School, compiles international and regional documents in the area of constitution law and human rights, reports of international organizations, and links to national, regional and international resources.

  • UK legislation database is the official database of the legislation of the United Kingdom, which contains most types of legislation and their accompanying explanatory documents.

  • Religious Legal Systems: A Brief Guide to Research and Its Role in Comparative Law
    Religious law in this guide is seen as a branch of comparative law and legal study. By Marylin Johnson Raisch.

  • Researching the Law of the Vatican City State
    Research guide by Stephen Young and Alison Shea. This guide describes government, legal system and sources of law of the Holy See as well as printed and electronic resources for researching the law of the Vatican City State.

  • U.S. Department of State
    Information on the activities and organization of U.S. Department of State and its institutions - Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labour, The Office of International Religious Freedom (Reports, Archive 1997-2000, related links, legislation, fact sheets), Human Rights and Democracy Fund ((HRDF) Human Rights Reports), Business centre (Guide to doing business with the Department of State, US Trade Policy), Diplomatic list, International topics and issues (arms control, biotechnology, corruption, information technology, history of foreign relations, HIV/AIDS, Human Rights, law enforcement, legal issues, narcotics, religious freedom, refugees, terrorism).

  • Vatican State (Holy See)
    Information on Vatican - state system - tribunals, congregations, secretary of state, offices, commissions and guards -, legislation, celebrations and religious background.