• Courts of Norway
    Page contains information about Norwegian legal system, core principles of court practice, judges - their rights and responsibilities, criminal and civil procedure (only in Norwegian), as well as a short glance in a history of Norwegian court system. A special section is devoted to advices (only in Norwegian) what to do in various situations when judicial help in protecting one's rights is necessary.

  • Human Rights Watch
    Information on Human Rights Watch - organization that is dedicated to protect human rights around the world. Information on different problems that usually lead to the abuse of human rights - arms, HIV/ AIDS, refugees, censorship, prisons, and other problems. Information on human rights situation in every country of the world. Links to other sites on censorship, HIV/AIDS and abuse of human rights connected with it, and others.

  • Prosecutor's Office of Republic of Latvia
    This is an official page of Prosecutor's Office of Republic of Latvia. It contains up-to-date information about current events in this institution, general information about prosecutor's office, its functions, structure, duties, there is also a short history of prosecutor's office in Latvia and also some information about prosecutor general is available. Information on international cooperation with other European states within frameworks of Eurojust and European Judicial Network on Criminal Matters.