• Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria
    Information on the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria. Information on latest events in the politics of Bulgaria and priorities of government. Information on the anti-corruption programme of Bulgaria, children protection, education and other spheres where Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria has developed specific programmes. Links to other sites on governmental bodies, agencies and regions.

  • Court Service
    Information about most of the courts and tribunals in England & Wales i.e. Crown, County, Appeals - judgments, addresses, hearings and other information, including courts fees and history. Links to other pages on important government sites in England and Wales.

  • Danish Competition and Consumer Authority
    Information on functions and activities of the Authority in the fields of competition law and consumer law, summaries of the Authority’s decisions in competition cases, summaries of recent judgments in competition cases, legislation governing competition law and consumer law, publications.

  • Danish Patent and Trademark Office
    The page offers information about different kinds of intellectual property in Denmark - trademarks, design, patents etc., informs how to register one's rights on these intellectual properties as well as offers most important legislative acts in this sphere. Publications, reports about the work of the office and intellectual property news in the world are also available.

  • Data State Inspection
    Page informs about personal data protection in Latvia, about responsibilities of Data State Inspection, its functions, current events in data protection field. Page offers download of forms and collection of links to other data protection authorities in the world.

  • Dutch Data Protection Authority
    Information on data protection system in Netherlands, including general advises in different spheres, research and description of the Netherlands' data protection legal acts. Information on data protection system in EU.

  • EDGAR. Database of US Enterprises
    The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's database EDGAR provides free access to corporate information, allowing users to quickly research a company's financial information and operations. The database includes registration statements, prospectuses and periodic reports filed on Forms 10-K and 10-Q, as well as other documents.

  • Estonian State Portal
    The State Portal provides reliable information and e-solutions for Estonian citizens, entrepreneurs and officials. The portal contains practical information on the rights and obligations of the citizens, entrepeneurship regulations and state institutions.

  • Environmental Protection Authority
    Information about authority's history, its regulation and structure. Page informs about the latest events in the sphere of environmental protection, offers a list of specially protected territories in Latvia and their descriptions, as well as species management plans in Latvia, which are available also in English. Separate informative section is devoted to the EU project Natura 2000. There is also some information about CITES (The Convention in International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) and its enforcement in Latvia and linked normative acts.

  • Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Offers information on activities in the field of Estonia's foreign relations - weekly news summaries, information sheets, press releases, as well as consular information, coming events calendar and links to other governmental institutions and Estonian websites. Estonia's integration process in the NATO and EU, basic documents and activities. Accession process in the EU, national programmes, reports and documents related to accession process.

  • Estonian Ministry of Justice
    Information on structure and functions of the Ministry, court system, court statistics, training system, prosecutor's office, prisons, crime prevention strategy, public notaries and sworn translators. Information on state registers: commerce and associations, land and marital property, ships, central databases.

  • Estonian National Electoral Committee
    Overview of elections and electoral procedures of the local government and parliament, directives issued by the National Electoral Committee, documents for registration of candidates, the list of Estonian parties and reports on campaign expenses, election results and statistics. Historical overview of elections and referendums in period 1989-1999.

  • European Agency for Safety and Health at Work
    Homepage of European Agency for Safety and Health at Work is an information source for occupational safety and health. It provides news about legislation, planned events, documents, publications, practice and statistics, which characterizes the situation in the field of labour protection.

  • European Commission Representation in Latvia
    Information on the European Union, the representation of the European Commission in Latvia and the EU programmes. Publications, a calendar of activities, news, project contests.

  • European Committee under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania
    Activities of Lithuanian government in relations with European Union, accession negotiations, main documents on EU integration, European Committee's Programmes, useful links.