• Constitutional Court of Russian Federation
    Page contains information about Constitutional Court of Russian Federation, its structure and adjudicated cases, full texts of documents referring to the court, statistics of most common claims and regulation of submission of a claim.

  • Constitutional Court of South Africa
    The official website contains cases and judgements of the court, rules of the court information on the court (bodies, judges, admissibility, proceedings etc.) and forthcoming hearings.

  • Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic
    Information on composition and organization of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, list of justices, text of Constitution, database of cases and judgments.

  • Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia
    Official website of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia. The source contains Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, laws on the court, information on the members of the court and decisions of the court in English since year 1996.

  • Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia
    Information on Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia, Constitution of the Republic of Croatia, procedure, list of judges.

  • Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia
    Constitution, information on judges of the Court, on rules of procedure, database of Court decisions.

  • Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania
    Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, information on judges of the Court, on rules of procedure, database of Court rulings, decisions and conclusions since 1993 are available. List of publications of the Constitutional Court. Statistics on petitions and inquiries received at the Constitutional Court since 1993.

  • Cornell University Law School Legal Information Institute (Cornell LII)
    The work of the institute is aimed at ensuring free and open access to law and legal writings. The homepage contains an extensive collection of U.S. legal acts and case law, links to law of other world countries and international law, sample agreements and legal forms, as well as a legal encyclopedia.

  • Courthouse Libraries BC
    Homepage of the Courthouse Libraries BC provides legal research guides on Canadian law as well as links to homepages on Canadian court system.

  • Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS-CAS)
    Information on international arbitration tribunal that resolves sport disputes. Information on press releases on sport's disputes. Rules and ethical code for arbitrators in court of arbitration for sports, judgements of this court, history and necessity. Information on mediation possibilities in case of sport disputes. Statistics on disputes on sport.

  • Courts of Norway
    Page contains information about Norwegian legal system, core principles of court practice, judges - their rights and responsibilities, criminal and civil procedure (only in Norwegian), as well as a short glance in a history of Norwegian court system. A special section is devoted to advices (only in Norwegian) what to do in various situations when judicial help in protecting one's rights is necessary.

  • Danish judicial system
    Page offers some information about Danish judicial system (also from historic point of view), court authorities, work of judges, as well as gives a short insight into civil and criminal procedure.

  • DomCLIC database
    An ever-expanding database of domestic jurisprudence relating to international criminal law. This online digest allows to access domestic case law that deals with international criminal law from countries all over the world.

    ECOLEX is an information service on environmental law, operated jointly by FAO, IUCN and UNEP. The ECOLEX database includes information on treaties, international soft-law and other non-binding policy and technical guidance documents, national legislation, judicial decisions, law and policy literature.

  • EFTA Court
    Case law on interpretation of the Agreement on the European Economic Area with regard to the EFTA states, procedural rules of the court, information on decided cases (judgements) and pending cases. Search facilities.