• Latvian Judicial Training Center
    Information on the Latvian Judicial Training Center and it's type of activities: continuous legal education for judges, court staff and other legal professionals.

  • Legislationline. OSCE database
    Free-of-charge online service provided by Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). It compiles international texts and domestic legislation in the OSCE region dealing with the rule of law and the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

  • Marta. Resource Centre for Women
    Information on centre Marta, that works on gender equality in Latvia. Information on possibilities of integration of women, unemployed and poor people. Information on women's NGO network in Latvia and its possibilities.

  • National Abortion Federation
    Website of the National Abortion Federation in the USA provides information on legislation and public policy as well scientific data.

  • Norwegian Refugee Council
    Norwegian Refugee Council is the largest humanitarian organization in Norway. The page provides with the information about the activities of the Council, its projects, as well as the latest news in refugee issues in the world. Reports about refugee situation in countries with especially tensed situation are available. Issues about refugee repatriation, World refugee day, news about problematic regions in the world are examined.

  • PROVIDUS centre for public policy
    Site offers policy studies, reviews, articles and blogs on public policy issues in Latvia covering the following topics: policy process, social integration, rule of law, human rights, information society, civil society, education and employment, foreign affairs. Information on social projects implemented by PROVIDUS is also available.

  • Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society
    Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society is the world's oldest and Scandinavia's largest peace organisation. The page contains the information about the history and main principles of the work of this organization, current projects, as well as the reports on achievements in arms trade regulation and realisation of other goals.

  • The European Foundation Centre
    Home page of the European Foundation Centre provides comprehensive information on foundations in the European Union. Foundation law, statistical data, publications on matters concerning foundations. The page also offers information on numerous, currently important topics. This information includes publications, news, events and thematic networks related to the particular topic.

  • Transparency International
    A non-profit and non-governmental organisation to counter corruption in the world on all levels: it's history, activities and annual reports. News, press releases, blogs and opinions related to the topic of corruption and its mitigation and prevention are available on the website.

  • Union of International Associations
    Links to international organizations selected from the Yearbook of International Organizations. Search options by name (alphabetically), subject areas, regional groupings.

  • United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
    Information on United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, on different events, research. Special section dedicated to Project on Dispute Settlement, including course materials on general topics, International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes, World Trade Organization (WTO), World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), International Commercial Arbitration and different regional approaches, like NAFTA, MERCOSUR, ASEAN.

  • Yearbook of International Co-operation on Environment and Development
    The Yearbook of International Co-operation on Environment and Development is an independent publication from the Fridtjof Nansen Institute. The Yearbook combines independent, high-quality analysis with updated reference material. Most of the content on this Yearbook website is taken directly from the Yearbook. However, not all information in the Yearbook is available on the website, but on the other hand the website includes information not included in the book.