• Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia
    Composition of Cabinet of Ministers, links to ministries, news, data base of draft legal acts (in Latvian), State Chancellery.

  • Centre for German Legal Information
    Homepage of the Cente of German Legal Information provides translations of German legislation and court practice in English, legal articles and research papers on German law.

  • Civic Alliance - Latvia
    Civil Alliance - Latvia aims to strengthen civil society in Latvia and represents interests of non-governmental organizations. Their homepage provides advice on creating NGOs and participating in public life; users can access e-library and NGO database.

  • ComLaw. Australian legislation
    ComLaw is a free of charge legislation database managed by the Australian government. The database includes full texts of Australian legal acts, details of the lifecycle of individual laws and the relationships between them, and related documents.

  • Committee of the Regions
    European Committee of the Regions is the European Union's assembly of regional and local representatives. Its homepage provides information on the committee’s mission, structure, and tenders.

  • Commonwealth Legal Information Institute (CommonLII)
    A collection of Commonwealth countries' legislation and case law, links to online legal resources.

  • Complete Research Guide to the Laws of the People's Republic of China (PRC)
    Introduction to the legal system and legal sources of People's Republic of China. Authors - Wei Luo and Joan Liu.

  • Consumer Rights Protection Centre of Latvia
    Homepage of the Consumer Rights Protection Centre provides advice to consumers and entrepreneurs as well as news on product safety. Additionally, users can access various consumer rights databases and a list of legal acts governing consumer rights.

  • Contents Pages from Law Reviews and Other Scholarly Journals
    A keyword-searchable database of tables of contents from more than 750 law reviews and other scholarly publications related to the law published in the United States and abroad. Updated daily, the database lists journal issues received over the past three months by the Tarlton Law Library.

  • Cornell University Law School Legal Information Institute (Cornell LII)
    The work of the institute is aimed at ensuring free and open access to law and legal writings. The homepage contains an extensive collection of U.S. legal acts and case law, links to law of other world countries and international law, sample agreements and legal forms, as well as a legal encyclopedia.

  • Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB)
    Information on KNAB, its functions, history, legal acts. Information on corruption in Latvia and KNAB action in combating it. Press releases on corruption and general statistics on corruption in Latvia. Information on finances of political parties. Links to other sites on corruption combating institutions in Latvia

  • Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria
    Information on the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria. Information on latest events in the politics of Bulgaria and priorities of government. Information on the anti-corruption programme of Bulgaria, children protection, education and other spheres where Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria has developed specific programmes. Links to other sites on governmental bodies, agencies and regions.

  • Courts of Norway
    Page contains information about Norwegian legal system, core principles of court practice, judges - their rights and responsibilities, criminal and civil procedure (only in Norwegian), as well as a short glance in a history of Norwegian court system. A special section is devoted to advices (only in Norwegian) what to do in various situations when judicial help in protecting one's rights is necessary.

  • Croatian Legal System
    Research guide by Dunja Kuecking and Milivoje žugiã provides detailed information on the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the government as well as topical links on issues including human rights, legal education, and legal publishers.

  • Data Protection in the European Union
    Information on the transposition of the Data Protection Directive and position papers from the interested parties on the Directive. Online consultation, information on the European Data Protection Supervisor. Links to national Data Protection Commissioners in the Member States, Accession Countries and Third Countries. Legislative documents regulating data protection in EU and international instruments. Studies and Reports of the European Commission on data protection.