• Petrovs & partneri. Sworn advocates' office
    Information on advocates' office and its activities. Spheres of work: administrative law, civil law, commercial law.

  • Philippine laws and jurisprudence databank
    Collection of legal acts and case law, outline of court system, information about Philippine's membership in international organizations and binding international treaties. Links to online legal resources.

  • PROVIDUS centre for public policy
    Site offers policy studies, reviews, articles and blogs on public policy issues in Latvia covering the following topics: policy process, social integration, rule of law, human rights, information society, civil society, education and employment, foreign affairs. Information on social projects implemented by PROVIDUS is also available.

  • Raimonds Briedis' law office
    Attorneys at Raimonds Briedis' law office are professionals in different legal spheres, starting from preparation of contracts and liability law till legal assistance in criminal law.

  • Research Guide to Belgian Law
    Guide by Christoph Malliet gives an overview of the Belgian legal system, Parliament, legislation, Law Reports (High Courts), bibliography and internet resources on Belgian law.

  • Research Guide to Belgian Law
    Guide to researching Belgian law by Christoph Malliet. This guide describes Belgian political and legal system, legal sources and legal research.

  • Research Guide to the Turkmenistan Legal System
    A guide by Oleg Stalbovsky and Maria Stalbovskaya includes information on political system of the Republic of Turkmenistan, legislation, type of government and court system. Available information on the Turkish legal system and sources of law. A guide contains useful electronic links of various state organizations, institutions and legal materials.

  • Research Guide to Ukrainian Law
    A guide by Myroslava Kryvonos and Alexander Biryukov includes resources on Ukrainian law, the history of the country's legal system, state power, the legislative system, fields of Ukrainian legislative system, legal education, legal materials, legal citations and other legal related sources

  • Researching Australian Law
    Information on Australia's legal system, court system and secondary sources. Author - Nicholas Pengelley.

  • Researching French Law
    Stéphane Cottin and Jérôme Rabenou's guide on the French legal system includes extensive links to government, legislative, and academic sources, as well as to commercial services, legal texts and discussion lists.

  • Researching South African Law
    Guide to researching South African law by Amanda Barratt, Pamela Snyman, and Redson Edward Kapindu. Information about political system of South Africa, legislative and executive power. South African court system, printed indexes to South African case law and on-line access to South African case law. Legal research tools.

  • Rīgas mājoklis. Riga municipal agency
    Page contains current information about Riga municipal agency "Rīgas mājoklis", explains its duties, allows to have a look at its activities, in normative acts section laws regulating living-house managing can be found. Page provides information about seminars organized by "Rīgas mājoklis" and how to take part in them.

  • Road Traffic Safety Directorate of the Republic of Latvia
    Information on vehicle registration, driver's qualification, and technical inspection of vehicles in the Republic of Latvia, including normative acts, fees, working hours, standards in inspections and other information. Also statistics on vehicles, road traffic accidents, driving licences and vehicle technical inspection.

  • Rode & Partners. Attorneys at law
    Information on services rendered by the law office, attorneys, previous experience and functioning in such spheres as civil law, criminal law, commercial law, representation in court and arbitration procedures.

  • Rural Support Service
    Rural Support Service page informs about its duties to administrate the State support and the EU support to rural areas, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, accept and assess support applications (projects), decision-making on allocation or rejection of the funding, decision-making on payment or rejection of the support and keeps records of the executed payments and their utilization control. Page offers a possibility to get acquainted with rural support programs, their requirements and founding documents.