• European documentation Centre in Estonia
    Texts of EU Treaties, documents of the Government and the Parliament of Estonia, information on accession negotiations, Reports from the Commission on Estonia's Progress towards Accession, accession partnership, Europe Agreement, National Programme for the adoption of the acquis. Links to other home pages on EU matters.

  • Financial and Capital Market Commission
    Financial and Capital Market Commission of Latvia is providing wide range of information on securities and capital market in Latvia - on credit institutions, credit unions, insurance, securities market, pension funds. Laws and regulations (laws, Regulatory Enactments of the Cabinet, FCMC Regulations, EU directives), market participants, statistics.

  • Finansinspektionen. Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority
    Information about Swidish financial situation and its analysis. Company register is offered to determine which companies hold permits to offer financial services, which companies have registered other financial operations and which foreign companies have registered cross-border operations. Reports, publications and press releases of Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority are to be read in this page.

  • Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (KKV)
    Information on consumer protection and competition law in Finland, advises to consumers and entrepreneurs, publications, and database of KKV decisions (in Finnish only).

  • Finnish Police
    The home page offers information on licencing services provided by the police (e.g., passports, ID cards, drivers' licences, residence permits), a short overview of common crimes and pre-trial criminal procedure, advice for crime victims, information on how to report a crime.

  • Food and Veterinary Service of the Republic of Latvia
    Information on food control, animal health and welfare, and other. Register on veterinary products, veterinaries, importers, exporters and list of import prohibitions. Information on international cooperation of service with other countries and the EU.

  • Government of Albania. Prime Minister's Office
    Information on the government of Albania, its composition and programme as well as European Union integration.

  • Government of Croatia
    Information on the government of Croatia, government composition, activities. Information on ministries of Croatia and state administration and other state institutions. Information on local governments of Croatia. Links to other sites on Government of Croatia.

  • Government of Cyprus
    Official website of the government of Cyprus. Contains information on the government, its organisation, parliamentary elections, and the constitution of Cyprus. In addition, includes the United Nations', the European Union's, and the Commonwealth's documents related to Cyprus. Contains information on Cyprus accession to the European Union and the conflict between Cyprus and Turkey.

  • Government Office of the Republic of Estonia
    Information on functions, structure, and activities of the Government Office.

  • Government Offices of Iceland
    Information on government of Iceland and ministries. Information on competence, duties, latest events, politics of the ministries of Iceland. Legal acts of Island that are important in work of each ministry on performance of their duties. Information on work of ministries in the press and evaluation of each sphere ministries are working in. Information on different spheres, like education system, employment tendencies and many other. Under every ministry there are links to other pages on resources important in the work of ministry.

  • Government of Hungary
    Information on Hungarian Government - members, functions, ministries, meetings, Prime Minister, his office and other information.

  • Government of Romania
    Website provides information on Romania’s government, prime minister and ministries as well as government objectives and strategies.

  • Government of Spain
    Information on the Government of Spain - President of Government, ministers, programs and newest events, history of government and legal basis for government's work. Information on autonomous regions of Spain. Links to other sites on other constitutional institutions of Spain.

  • Government of the Republic of Lithuania
    Government of the Republic of Lithuania, its activities, links to ministries, database of legal acts (government resolutions), Office of the Prime Minister, Office of the Government.