• European Judicial Network in Civil and Commercial Matters
    This website is managed by the European Commission and will be regularly updated in conjunction with the Member States of the European Union. It contains a large quantity of information about the Member States, Community law, European law and various aspects of civil and commercial law.

  • European Parliament Legislative Observatory
    Legislative Observatory offers refine information about current and events in European Parliament including information about sessions, voting, proposals, amendments, decision-making procedure, drafting of jdocuments and other matters of legislation in European Parliament.

  • European Research Papers Archive (ERPA)
    The European Research Papers Archive (ERPA) provides a common point of access to full text of a large number of online working papers in the field of European integration which have been published by several leading research institutions - the European University Institute on European research, Harvard Law School, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, European Integration online Papers (EIoP), Constitutionalism Web-Papers and others. A wide range of topics within the field of European political, social and economic integration are covered. These include topics relating to the development of European Union institutions, European Monetary System (EMU) and the Single European Currency.

  • European Union legal materials: an infrequent user's guide
    The research guide is intended to aid infrequent users in finding sources of EU law. The publication provides a concise overview of the EU’s structure, its sources of law and how to locate them. Authors - Duncan E. Alford and Alyson Drake.

  • Finding Chinese Law on the Internet
    Joan Liu informs about Chinese legal resources on the Internet and features of online sources and search strategies. Here is also information about Chinese legal system and legal information system.

  • FLAG. Foreign Law Guide
    Internet gateway to foreign, international and comparative law holdings in UK national and university libraries. Describes the contents of different collections. Wide search possibilities.

  • French Law on the Internet
    Emmanuel Barthe guide to French law on the Internet. Page contains information about usage of French Internet pages, how and where to find information, what kind of free resources are available.

  • Garant. Russian Legislation with Comments
    Page contains most recent documents from administrative and court system institutions, as well as latest news from the Parliament, State President, Constitutional Court, Federal Meeting. Full texts of most important legislative acts (Constitution and about 20 codes), analytical articles, document browser by theme, review of judicial journals, tax calendar, business information are available. Weekly there are about about 4 000 new documents including about 40-50 documents translated into English added to Garant databases.

  • Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies
    Information on Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, and its research on public policy decision-making research aimed to improve situation in Georgia. Information on Georgia's national security, economic situation and developments. Links to other sites on research in Georgia, analysis on public policy, institutes exploring situation in Georgia.

  • Government Gazettes Online
    List of all online government gazettes and their characteristics to aid researchers. A description of the contents and coverage are included for each gazette. Useful resources in the bibliography. Government gazettes and their characteristics to aid researchers.

  • Guide on the Harmonization of International Commercial Law
    Guide on the harmonization of international commercial law by Duncan Alford. Information on endeavours to harmonize commercial law within the framework of European Union and globally, information about international treaties, as well as soft law (UNIDROIT principles), guide for further research, useful links.

  • Guide to Caribbean Law Research
    Information structured by Yemisi Dina on Caribbean countries' legal system, power structure, court system, international law, legislation, legal education.

  • Guide to Georgian Legal Research
    Irma Aladashvili informs about Georgian state structure, institute of president, legislation, executive power, electorial process, relationship of powers, legal system, hierarchy of legal norms, as well as available electronical legal resources.

  • Guide to Legal Research in Mali
    Servaas Feiertag’s research guide provides information on the political and legal system of Mali.

  • Guide to MERCOSUR (Mercado Comun del Sur) legal research: sources and documents
    Research guide on MERCOSUR by Edgardo Rotman and Euyelit Moreno. The purpose of the agreement beteeen Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay, establishing MERCOSUR, was to set up a common market and eliminate trade barriers among the signatory parties. The research guide provides information on MERCOSUR's basic documents, organization and structure, investments and competition, civil procedure, criminal procedure, illegal traffic of minors, transportation, trade in services, education, consumer rights, insurance, labor law, postal agreements, trademarks, social security, environment, agreement between MERCOSUR and other regional organizations and states. The guide includes bibliography and a list of internet sources.