• Data State Inspection
    Page informs about personal data protection in Latvia, about responsibilities of Data State Inspection, its functions, current events in data protection field. Page offers download of forms and collection of links to other data protection authorities in the world.

  • Doing Legal Research in Brazil
    Research guide by Edilenice Passos gives information on Brazilian state structure (devision of powers), legal system, judicial and legislative sources, primary legal resources, institutions dealing with judicial information, legal research, codes, topical areas of the law, bibliographic references.

  • Doing Legal Research in Canada
    Research guide by Ted Tjaden includes information on Canadian legal system, primary and secondary legal resources, legal organizations (law libraries, law schools), legal publishers and Canadian legal research links by topic.

  • Doing Legal Research in Romania
    Dana Neacsu and Anamaria Corbescu provide detailed information in six major areas: the Romanian legal system, primary legal resources, secondary legal resources, legal organizations, and specific topics in Romanian law (criminal, tax, family, commercial law etc.), International Law and EU Expansion.

  • E-jurists. Portal of Legal Aid
    E-jurists in cooperation with NAIS (legislation information system) offers news in legislation - information about the latest legal acts of the Republic of Latvia (laws, bills, regulations, decrees, etc.). Information about legal acts is free of charge. Portal contains also model contracts in different fields of law and offers a possibility to order a contract, as well as receive a legal and book-keeping consultation.

  • eLawOnline. Legal Link Directory
    Catalogue of internet resources of the United Kingdom on criminal law, intellectual property law, family law, employment law, maritime, human rights as well as law firms, organizations and associations, legal education, legal publications and publishers. Legal resources on European Union and international law.

  • E-likumi
    A fee-based database which offers access to approximately 100 000 Latvian and EU legal acts. For many documents, professional translation in Russian is also provided.

    Database of Estonian legislation includes legislative acts from November 16, 1988. Texts are in Estonian; the most important acts have unofficial translations into Russian (in current version). Requires subscription.

  • Central Asia, Caucasus News
    EurasiaNet provides information and analysis about political, economic, environmental and social developments in the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus, as well as in Russia, the Middle East, and Southwest Asia. Includes resources on human rights, government departments and agencies, businesses, international involvement in various international organizations, activities.

  • European e-justice
    Guide to legal systems of EU Member States. Portal offers information on Member States' legal systems, court systems and case law, as well as information on EU law, EU court system and case law.

  • European Ombudsman
    Website of the European Ombudsman provides a wide range of information about its functions, activities, possibilities of bringing up a complaint, reports on ombudsman's activities, ombudsman's speeches and decisions, as well as other useful resources.

  • Finding the Law. Islamic Law (Sharia)
    Research guide by Andrew Grossman gives historical overview of Islamic law, treatment of Islamic law in Western courts and bibliographical resources on Islamic law.

  • Finding the Law. The Micro-States and Small Jurisdictions of Europe
    Guide by Andrew Grossman includes information on such small jurisdictions of Europe as Andorra, Cyprus, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican State. Also Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Northern Cyprus, Montenegro, Kosovo and others.

  • FindLaw. Academic Law Reviews and Journals
    Collection of American academic law reviews and journals Articles accessible in full texts, collection arranged by topic as well alphabetically.

  • Finnish Law on the Internet
    Guide by Sami Sarvilinna and Erika Bergström includes: information on the constitution, court system, Parliament and overall government, as well as resources on the legal profession, case law and legislation.