• Government Publications and Maps. Foreign Governments
    Catalogue of governmental and intergovernmental sites. Links to pages and databases containing legal documents of the United States and international legal documents concerning international organizations are available. Maps and links to other social science data resources are also available.

  • High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Hercegovina
    Information on the court system of Bosnia and Hercogovina. Information on criminal and civil procedure in Bosnia and Hercogovina, examples of procedural documents. Information on judges of Bosnia and Hercogovina, their appointment procedure, and guarantees. Links to other state institutions, official gazette, association of judges, and other related sites.

  • Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal
    Information on the Court of Final Appeal of Hong Kong and its decisions. Information on the legal system of People Republic of China. Publications of decisions of different Hong Kong courts. Links to other sites on legal system of People Republic of China and its different institutions.

  • Human Rights
    U.S. Department of State reports on human rights situation in the world. Search possibilities by country.

  • Hungarian Intellectual Property Office
    Contains wide range of legislation collection on intellectual property protection and commentaries on patents, utility modes, trademarks, industrial designs and topography of semiconductors.

  • Independent Commission Against Corruption
    Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) conducts investigations and hearings, providing corruption prevention advice, informing and educating both the public and private sectors. This resource includes the Annual Report of the organisation and acts regulating corruption issues in Australia as well as reports, Corruption Matters newspaper and other publications.

  • Information Commissioner and Data Protection in the United Kingdom
    The Information Commissioner has a range of duties including the promotion of good information handling and the enforcement of data protection in the United Kingdom. This home page provides information on the activities of the Information Commissioner and gives insight in the regulation of data protection. Guidance in principles of data protection and health data is also available.

  • Insolvency administration. State Agency
    The page contains the general information about the Insolvency administration, State agency, insolvency procedure, its regulation in Latvia and European Union, information about insolvency administrators, their obligations and rights, as well as some news for administrators themselves. Separate section is dedicated to employees' claims, which might be put forward in case of insolvency of company.

  • Interpol
    Information on Interpol and its action. Information on international cooperation of police. Information on terrorism Interpol has been dealing with. Information on persons wanted by national jurisdictions or International Criminal Tribunals. Information on children and human trafficking. Information on stolen works of art. Information on international drug fighting system. Information on financial crimes and corruption. Information on forensic. Information on international crime statistics. Information on football hooliganism. Information on international police net for vehicle crimes. Information on information technology crimes. Information on criminal intelligence analysis.

  • Latvian Guarantee Agency
    Homepage of the Latvian Guarantee Agency provides information about mechanisms how the entrepreneurs can receive financial support for innovative business ideas in form of a loan or leasing in commercial banks with the collateral guarantee. Information about the agency, export and credit guarantees, contacts is available.

  • Latvian Investment and Development Agency
    Information about Latvia and doing business with Latvia. Includes Latvian Business Guide which provides information about business environment in Latvia and other business related topics: possibilities setting up the business, business infrastructure, finances, taxation, accounting, intellectual property, real estate evaluation and other important issues. Information on state supported investment areas are also available.

  • Latvian Privatization Agency
    Information on general procedure of privatization process in Latvia, annual reports, overview of privatization and investment opportunities in Latvia. On-line database of more than 300 Latvian companies involved in privatization process. Laws and normative document regulating privatization process in Latvia.

  • Latvia State Environmental Service
    Information on institution responsible for environmental control in the Republic of Latvia. Legal acts on environmental protection in Latvia.

  • Guide to e-Latvia
    The page contains information on services provided by state and municipality institutions of Republic of Latvia, as well as links to state institutions' homepages.

  • Lawlinks
    Lawlinks is an internet gateway to legal resources on the internet. The website contains links to national law, international law, and European Union law, as well as guidance to legal research. Lawlinks is maintained by the University of Kent.