• Doing Legal Research in Canada
    Research guide by Ted Tjaden includes information on Canadian legal system, primary and secondary legal resources, legal organizations (law libraries, law schools), legal publishers and Canadian legal research links by topic.

  • Doing Legal Research in Romania
    Dana Neacsu and Anamaria Corbescu provide detailed information in six major areas: the Romanian legal system, primary legal resources, secondary legal resources, legal organizations, and specific topics in Romanian law (criminal, tax, family, commercial law etc.), International Law and EU Expansion.

  • eLawOnline. Legal Link Directory
    Catalogue of internet resources of the United Kingdom on criminal law, intellectual property law, family law, employment law, maritime, human rights as well as law firms, organizations and associations, legal education, legal publications and publishers. Legal resources on European Union and international law.

  • Electronic Guide to Mexican Law
    Francisco Avalos and Elisa Donnadieu's guide includes an overview of Mexico's government and legal system, primary federal legislation, legislative sources, NAFTA, state governments, and many useful web links.

  • Essential Issues of the Chilean Legal System
    Basic structure of the Chilean legal system, constitutional principles, government structure, legislation, court system, administrative organization, information sources

  • Essential issues of the Peruvian Legal System
    Political system and constitutional principles. Legislation. Type of government.Judicial system and constitutional court. Administrative organization. Main laws and regulations. Legal research.

  • EU House in Riga
    The EU House in Riga houses Representation of the European Commission in Latvia, Information Office of the European Parliament and The European Union Information Agency (EUIA). Homepage provides information on the EU House in Riga and its activities, news, articles and blogs on the European Union, information for entrepeneurs, answers to questions on EU related topics.

  • European Commission documents Register
    The European Commission has created the European Commission documents register in electronic form. Initially, this register lists certain categories of documents, primarily legislative documents with COM, C and SEC numbers and other categories such as the agendas and minutes of Commission meetings. This register contains references documents produced since 1 January 2001 only. Coverage will gradually be extended to other categories of documents.

  • European e-justice
    Guide to legal systems of EU Member States. Portal offers information on Member States' legal systems, court systems and case law, as well as information on EU law, EU court system and case law.

  • European Environmental Law Homepage
    This site provides full text cases, legislation and articles on Environmental Law. Free access to the European Environmental Law Database and documents (EU documents, European Council conclusions, Environment Council conclusions, Commission communications, recommendations).

  • European Judicial Network in Civil and Commercial Matters
    This website is managed by the European Commission and will be regularly updated in conjunction with the Member States of the European Union. It contains a large quantity of information about the Member States, Community law, European law and various aspects of civil and commercial law.

  • European Union Law. An Integrated Guide to Electronic and Print Research
    Marylin J. Raisch's extensive guide includes: treaties establishing the European Union, legislation, case law, periodical literature and other sources, implementing legislation at the national level, the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, citation issues, and "a guide to the guides."

  • European Union legal materials: an infrequent user's guide
    The research guide is intended to aid infrequent users in finding sources of EU law. The publication provides a concise overview of the EU’s structure, its sources of law and how to locate them. Authors - Duncan E. Alford and Alyson Drake.

  • Finding Chinese Law on the Internet
    Joan Liu informs about Chinese legal resources on the Internet and features of online sources and search strategies. Here is also information about Chinese legal system and legal information system.

  • Finding the Law in Bermuda
    Guide to researching law in Bermuda by Karen Skiffington describes Bermudian legal system, legal sources, legal professions and legal research.