• Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
    Texts of basic international human rights' documents and information on all UN bodies working with human rights is accessible. News, articles, publications and researches on different human rights related topics and issues are available.

  • Official WEB Site Locator for the UN System of Organizations
    Portal to websites of UN organizations, foundations and programmes. Information on and links to UN System and related organizations are available as well as information on coordination mechanisms between them. Page contains statistics, publications and annual reports related to the UN system. It also provides categorized list of bookmarks of UN System and related organizations.

  • Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
    Information on organization (list of fields of acting) and its aims, list of member countries. Useful links to sites of international organizations. Manuals, best practice, dictionaries not only for branches of economy. Statistical data on economical processes in the world. Catalogue of publications and information on purchase of publications on Internet.

  • Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
    Information on the activities of the Parliamentary Assembly, the President and Secretary General. Overview and materials of the Plenary meetings. List of adopted texts, working documents and records of the debates. List of national delegations, special guests, observers, committees, sub-committees and political groups. Links to the web site of the Council of Europe, national parliaments and international partners.

  • Permanent Court of Arbitration
    General information on the court, list of recent and pending cases, texts of arbitral awards, research and publications, list of panel of arbitrators, links to other arbitration web pages.

  • Project Diana. An Online Human Rights Archive
    Human rights case law of US, texts of international documents, index of Yale Human Rights & Development Law Journal, history of diplomatic relations of different countries before the 18th century till nowadays, texts of historical documents.

  • Project on International Courts and Tribunal
    Latest news on international court and tribunal cases, research on multiplication of international courts and tribunals, professional and judicial ethics, conduct and independence, access to and participation in the work of international courts and tribunals, legal and procedural issues, International Criminal Justice. Synoptic chart of international courts and tribunals.

  • Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
    Information on institute, study and research possibilities at the institute and other human rights programmes. Access to catalogues of institute’s library, as well as of other organizations (search possibilities). Databases on International and Swedish law, access to electronic journals, dictionaries, encyclopaedias. Information on legal writing technique. Links to other international and regional human rights institutions and case law. Access to the UN databases and information on UN. Search for information on Internet by human rights topics.

  • Regional trade agreements in Africa: a historical and bibliographic account of ECOWAS (the Economic Community of West African States ) and CEMAC (the Communaute Economique et Monetaire de l’Afrique Centrale)
    Research guide by Victor Essien to ECOWAS and CEMAC. Compilation of treaties, protocols, regulations, decisions and directives and conventions of ECOWAS and CEMAC. Bibliography of ECOWAS and CEMAC. Treatises, books and reports on African regional integration, ECOWAS and CEMAC. Sectoral analysis of ECOWAS and CEMAC. Conflict Prevention, peace and security issues.

  • Representative of the Government of the Republic of Latvia before International Human Rights Organizations
    Page furnishes information about the mission and activities of Representative of the Government of the Republic of Latvia before international human rights organizations, as well as current questions connected with human rights for instance UN individual procedures, national reports, European Court of Human Rights. Latest news (data from news archive is also available) concerning Latvia and human rights is constantly given. If there are any vacancies, jobs in human rights sphere are offered.

  • Research Guide on the Trading Systems in the Asian-Pacific Region
    Research guide by Chenglin Liu to APEC, ASEAN and their Members. Links to online resources on APEC and ASEAN, information on impact of Asian Tsunami on APEC and ASEAN, selected bibliography on APEC and ASEAN.

  • Statistical Office of the European Communities (Eurostat)
    Eurostat Library - access to all Eurostat publications (working papers and studies, catalogues, detailed tables, methods and nomenclatures, calls for tenders and grants). Statistics on general information on the EU, economy and finance, population and social conditions, industry, trade and services, agriculture and fisheries, external trade, transport, environment and energy, science and technology. Classification, database information, methods and legal acts on statistics.

  • Swiss Institute of Comparative Law (ISDC)
    Official webpage of the organization with information on field of activity of the institute, access to the library catalogue un European documentation Centre, information on scholarships and visits at the institute, as well as planned colloquia and other events. Information of Institute Publications (acquisition of publications for a fee), reference to other online sites' search possibilities by theme or country. Information on publications of legal opinions of the institute (majority concerns family law and law of succession etc.).

  • Tax and Accounting Sites Directory
    Information on US tax and accounting law, catalogue of links by themes. Catalogue of links of international tax and accounting sites by countries, catalogue of links to international tax and accounting sites, tax and accounting programmes, link to information on EU and VAT legislation, texts of international tax agreements, links to world government homepages. US tax form links, news, list of publishers` sites, catalogue of research publications, job opportunities. Catalogue of links on financial management, fraud prevention, financial accounting. Financial management of governmental and not-for-profit organizations.

  • The European Convention
    Composition and activities of the European Convention. Preliminary draft of The Constitutional Treaty of the European Union (articles and protocols, proposed amendments). Working groups, working jdocuments and final reports, speeches, press releases.