• Justia
    Justia aims to advance the availability of free and easy to find legal resources by providing a comprehensive collection of links to US and Latin American legal resources. Topics covered include legislation, case law, legal education, legal profession, legal articles, legal blog and twitter databases.

  • Kenya Law Reports
    Kenyan legal acts, case law, the official gazette, information about latest developments in legislation and case law, links to online legal resources.

  • Latvia Courts Portal
    Information on Latvia's court system and judges, fundamentals of legal procedure, current events in the court system. Court calendars, databases of judgments, register of forensic experts.

  • Latvian Court of Arbitration
    Page informs about the work of Latvian Court of Arbitration, its judges, clause, and regulation.

  • Lauterpacht Research Centre for International Law
    Information activities of the institute, links to web pages of international organizations and legal research guides and journals, access to online library catalogues and index to library catalogues worldwide. Information on scholarships and research possibilities at the institute.

  • Lawlinks
    Lawlinks is an internet gateway to legal resources on the internet. The website contains links to national law, international law, and European Union law, as well as guidance to legal research. Lawlinks is maintained by the University of Kent.

  • Legal Information Institute
    Detailed information on Administrative law, Constitutional law and Human Rights Law in the United States. USA federal and state constitutions and codes, opinions from the US Supreme Court, Federal Court and state courts, court decisions, discussion papers and reports. Catalogue of International and Comparative Law. Access to American Legal Ethics Library and Social Security Library. Introduction to legal writing. Catalogue of reports, papers and working papers. Catalogue of legal services and legal offices.

  • Legifrance
    A collection of French legislation, case law, official gazettes, international treaties and agreements binding France. Links to online legal resources.

  • Legislationline. OSCE database
    Free-of-charge online service provided by Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). It compiles international texts and domestic legislation in the OSCE region dealing with the rule of law and the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

  • Legislation of Azerbaijan Republic
    Database of legal acts of the Republic of Azerbaijan: Constitution, laws, decisions of the Constitutional Court.

  • London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA)
    The home page provides information about the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) as one of the international institutions for commercial dispute resolution, its rules, arbitration and mediation, dispute resolution services and procedure as well as other information related to arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.

  • Lursoft
    Offers database of enterprises registered in Latvia, their managers, shareholders, fixed capital and annual accounts, database of the Register of Movable Pledges, digital library of the newspapers of Latvia, database of court claims, database of all foreign companies established joint ventures in Latvia. Requires subscription.

  • Ministry of Justice of Malta
    Legal information catalogue that contains information on government, parliament, judiciary of Malta, its principles of administration and structure. Contains legislation and case law of Malta.

  • Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia
    Information on the judicial system of Latvia, system of courts, EU, judicial policy documents and international agreements signed in this area.

  • New Zealand Legal Information Institute (NZLII)
    A collection of New Zealand's legal acts and case law, links to online resources about New Zealand's legal system, different legal disciplines, legal education and legal profession.