• Supreme Court of Finland
    Information on functions, structure and proceedings at the Supreme Court of Finland.

  • Supreme Court of Norway
    Page informs about the history of the Supreme Court of Norway, as well as the renovation process of the building in which it is located. Short information about current judges is also available. A special section is devoted to recent decisions (there is only a short summery of the facts of the case in English).

  • Supreme Court of the Republic of Latvia
    Official website of the Supreme Court of Latvia. Information on court proceedings, structure and history of the court, archive of case-law, laws governing court proceedings, statistics.

  • Swedish Judiciary
    Page embraces information about Swedish judiciary giving a short report of its components (The Supreme Court, District Courts etc.), a preview in specific court procedure spheres like bankruptcy, appeal court, administrative court procedures and legal basics of legal aid and giving evidence at court.

  • Swiss Institute of Comparative Law (ISDC)
    Official webpage of the organization with information on field of activity of the institute, access to the library catalogue un European documentation Centre, information on scholarships and visits at the institute, as well as planned colloquia and other events. Information of Institute Publications (acquisition of publications for a fee), reference to other online sites' search possibilities by theme or country. Information on publications of legal opinions of the institute (majority concerns family law and law of succession etc.).

  • Tarlton Law Library
    Directory of general sites on law, case law, US academic libraries and legal research pages.

  • The Judicial Authority of Israel
    Information resource of the Judicial Authority of the State of Israel. This resource provides information on the Supreme Court, the District Court, the Magistrates’ Court and juvenile courts as well as on religious, military, labour and administrative tribunals. The resource includes historical background of the judicial authority and information on judges (appointment, qualifications, proceedings etc.). Includes the Supreme Court case law since 1948 in English.

  • The Polish Constitutional Tribunal
    Includes information on the Tribunal (history, composition, jurisdiction) and its legal basis (the Constitution, the Constitutional Tribunal Act) as well as selection of judicial decisions in English starting from year 1986.

  • The Special Court for Sierra Leone
    Homepage of the Special Court of Sierra Leone provides information about the structure and activities of the Court, its cases and judgements. Audio and video materials of the trials are also available as well as basic documents of the Court and international conventions and treaties.

  • The Supreme Administrative Court of Belgium
    Provides information about the court and its decrees as well as on procedural rules of the court.

  • The Supreme Court of Jamaica
    Official website of the Supreme Court of Jamaica. Information on the legal system and court system of Jamaica, rules of the Court, court listings, database of judgments.

  • T.M.C. Asser Institute
    Official webpage of T.M.C. Asser Institute. Information on T.M.C. Asser, history of the institute, study and research possibilities, international conferences and seminars. Access to library catalogue, ordering and acquisition of books (pay services). Selection of Internet resources. Legal Advice and consultancy to law firms, companies and governmental services in the fields of law covered by the institute. Access to European documentation Centre and its resources. Newsletter and information order form for Institute activities and fields of specialization. Bibliography. Netherlands case law and legislation (in Dutch) and state practice in Public International Law.

  • Trans-Lex.Transnational commercial law
    Trans-Lex is an international research and codification platform, maintained by the University of Cologne, Germany, which aims to provide free and easy access to materials of transnational commercial law. The portal offers codified principles of transnational commercial law, prepared by Professor Klaus Peter Berger from the University of Cologne; the portal also provides a collection of national and international sources of commercial law, research papers, and historical materials on the topic.

  • Unalex
    Information on European and international uniform law. The sources of private international law. Selected case law of the EU member states and other conventions; case law has been evaluated in the Unalex Compendium. Legislative texts and materials. International literature on uniform law. Commentary. Special emphasis has been put on international private and civil procedural law. The information and factual material of Unalex is continuously updated and developed further.

  • UNILAW database
    Set up by decision of the UNIDROIT Governing Council, the UNILAW Data Base is intended to permit ready access to up-to-date information regarding uniform law conventions and other instruments.