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Name: Sorainen Law Offices
Content: Sorainen is one of the leasing law offices in Baltic region. Page provides explicit information on the law office, team, provided services, achievements etc. Office specializes in questions related to commerce and taxes. It provides consultations and representation in spheres like insurance, banking, construction, employment law, energy and public services, pharmacy, IP and IT law, taxes and customs, transport and maritime law etc. Page also provides information on carrier opportunities and seminars as well as access to database of publications.
Themes: | Arbitration/ADR || Civil and Business Law || Competition Law || Credit Institution Law || E-commerce || Employment and Labour Law || Environmental Law || Financial Law || Insurance Law || Intellectual Property || International Trade Law || Law of the European Union || Law of the Sea || Mergers&Acquisitions || Patent Law/Trademarks || Property Law || Tax Law || Telecommunications and Energy Law |
Types: | Law Firms, Lawyers || Legal Aid, Legal Reform |
Languages: | English || Estonian || French || German || Latvian || Lithuanian || Russian |
Regions: | Belarus, Republic of || Estonia || Latvia || Lithuania |