Detailed resource description:

Name: World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)
Content: Wide information on intellectual property (patents, trademarks, industrial design, geographic indications, copyright and related rights) and protection of it. Member states of organisation, official text of Convention, general information about organisation. Concept of intellectual property, protection of it, emerging issues in this area. Wide range of resources related to intellectual property and its protection is available: databases, legal resources on national and international protection of intellectual property, document, statistics, publications etc.
Themes: | Arbitration/ADR || Copyright || E-commerce || Intellectual Property || International Arbitration and International Dispute Settlement || International Law of Treaties || Law of International Organizations || Patent Law/Trademarks |
Types: | International organizations || Treaties and International Agreements |
Languages: | Arabic || Chinese || English || French || Russian || Spanish |
Regions: | Asia || Australia and Oceania || Europe || North America || South America and Central America |